2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

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  1. Bowls that are not the playoff are becoming more and more like the pro bowl.
  3. Ikr ...
  4. Originally that's all they were. It wasn't until the early 90's that bowl stats were included into season stats.
  5. Guess Taggart news will be done today, one way or another. Seems Sumlin is holding on the UCF job waiting to see what Oregon does.
  6. Jimbo my friend I'm all good with how everything ended up. Remember the Cooper years? So I will take 6 in a row against that team up north. A 2002 title and a 2014 title.

    All those years with all that talent and Cooper couldn't get it done. So people can say what they want. I'm just happy those years are behind us.

    Plus you know Ohio State is doing good. Look at all the hate. Their always on some people's minds. They can't help themselves.
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  7. Glad this is done, maybe we can get some discipline and fun back in our football program.
  8. Here are early odds 12-6-2017 at Vegas. Biggest surprise for me is Wisconsin 6.5 pt. favorite. That team is slow and has few skilled players from what I saw.
      • Fri, Dec 29, 8:30pm - Cotton Bowl - #5 Ohio State vs. #8 USC (6.5-7)
      • Sat, Dec 30, 4:00pm - Fiesta Bowl - #9 Penn State vs. #11 Washington (2.5-4)
      • Sat, Dec 30, 8:00pm - Orange Bowl - #6 Wisconsin vs. #10 Miami (6.5)
      • Mon, Jan 1, 12:30pm - Peach Bowl - #7 Auburn vs. #12 UCF (9.5)
      • Mon, Jan 1, 5:00pm - Rose Bowl - #2 Oklahoma vs. #3 Georgia (pk-2)
      • Mon, Jan 1, 8:45pm - Sugar Bowl - #1 Clemson vs. #4 Alabama (1.5-2)
  9. Point Spread: Also known as the line or spread, it is a number chosen by Las Vegas and overseas oddsmakers that will encourage an equal number of people to wager on the underdog as on the favorite. If fans believe that Team A is two touchdowns better than Team B, they may bet them as 14-point favorites.

    So the Vegas oddsmakers believe that there are so many true believers in Big10 country that they need a big point spread to get people to bet on Washington. It's not that they believe Wisconsin is that much better.
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  10. You haven't seen much ....

    Wisconsins RB will have a field day unless you guys dedicate efforts to the run game.
  11. However, it is stunning how accurate they are at the end of the day in most cases.

    Word of advice, the Buckeyes rarely cover, but do a lot of winning.
  12. I've seen enough to know team is full of toads. And Miami isn't my guys, Miami is mosted hated school outside of Miami and deserving. I hope Wisconsin wins.
  13. Toledo went to to toe with Miami till the 4th quarter ...
    Nothing has changed in Miami ....
    Some say it's swagger, I say it the same old cockiness that you seen out of them years ago ...
    They have 1 good year in 15 and now they think they're all that.

    Wisconsin wins this one.
  14. Bodycam footage released.
    Body cam footage shows UGA football player pleading with officers

    I haven't laughed so hard in days.

    “Please, please, please, please, please. If you’ve got a heart, if you have a heart, please listen. Hear me,” Stanley says. “That’s the end for him, man. He’s going to jail for this? That’s it, man. That's his career. That’s that man's life. That’s his family.”
  15. Officers couldn't just allow them to drive away if they were under influence. it's sad the players didn't consider consequences before smoking and driving. The NFL is full of bums so I'm sure this won't hurt them draft day.
    I see little chance they don't miss the big games ahead however.
  16. I loved the comment of one of the cops, "don't they test the athletes for drugs?"

    Yes, but seeing how it's all done in-house...

    I bet for the next game in Atlanta, the players will all be taking the team bus back to Athens.
  17. Getting worked up to watch the Army-Navy. At 12pm, CBS Sports Network will broadcast the Cadets & Midshipmen marching into the stadium, which is always a treat to watch.
  18. It's a shame it's not on CBS ....
  19. Darn that Navy, trying to play the sympathy card.*:mad:

    *God bless you & get well, Jarren Jasper
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  20. This is going to be a back & forth game if both teams keep on playing like they are.
  21. OMG, ARMY!!!!:eeek:bounce:clapping:cheer:crowdbounce:grinbounce:happydance:whoo:everybodydance
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