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    If you are seeing this you are on our new server WELCOME HOME!

    While the new server is online Scott is still working on the backend including the cachine. But the site is usable while the work is being completes!

    Thank you for your patience and again WELCOME HOME!

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Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME!
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Sep 7, 2003
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A Note from SatelliteGuys Founder Scott Greczkowski:
It is hard to believe that we are just turning two years. And it's hard to belive that in two years we are Americas largest and most popular Satellite Information Site!

Did you know that as of yesterday over the past year we have added as many members to our site then there are members of competitors site?

There are some exciting things happening here at SatelliteGuys, and like last year when we turned one our members are going to get the gifts! Look for an announcement some new major giveaways here at SatelliteGuys.US!

SatelliteGuys.US would not be possible if it were not for all the help of our world class staff. I can't thank them enough for volunteering their time and efforts to make us number one.

SatellliteGuys would also not be here without the generous support of our "Supporting Founders" they guys helped us pay the bills and turned the dream of SatelliteGuys into a reality.

As we enter our third year we are hard at work at bringing you more of what you count on, the Internet's Best Industry breaking News, the Best Satellite Talk, tips to save you more money and more!

Our dedication to you our members will continue as we send our staff of Indianopolis, Indiana to Cover the 2005 CEDIA EXPO, and SatelliteGuys will also be heading to Las Vegas once again to offer you CES coverage, and this year we are planning on offering expanded CES coverage!

Thank you for a wonderfull two years, and if you thought they were good, "you ain't seen nothing yet!"
Congratulation Scott! Hard work does pay.

The dedication and hard work that you guys put into making this site the best Satellite information site shows everywhere. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge.
@party Happy Birthday SatelliteGuys@party

Some interesting Stats:

New registered members in the 1st Year: 11,109
New registered members in the 2nd year: 13,803

The other site today has 13,694 members...less than the 2nd years growth here.

During those same 2 year periods the other site grew by: 5,066 and 5,183 members.

During 2005 SatelliteGuys has had 14,524 unique registered members visit the site at least once. During the same time the other site had 6,303 members visit at least once.

Earlier today SatelliteGuys also hit the 600,000 post mark. But remeber there is still a lot of room to grow as a few minutes ago AVSForum hit the 6,000,000 post mark.

Thanks scott for 2 great years.

Scott you should make it show as the birthday, as it does for the users on the bottom of the forums page
good stats tbenning. it shows the hard work scott has put in to become number one and being able to stay on top.
tbenning said:
@party Happy Birthday SatelliteGuys@party
Wow cool stats. :)

Thanks again everyone! It appears in the next day or so we might even break the 25,000 member mark!
Why does nobody's join date go back beyond Jan 2004?
Happy Birthday and Thank You Scott and your team for all you do !
I was thinking earlier, it would be nice to see who the first 10 or 20 members were. ;)
I see you have tbenning beat, dfergie: 09-08-2003 :)
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