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Dec 28, 2010
Northwest Georgia
First, seems WeatherScan is officially off. On the screen it says to watch TWC or local news for weather. Second, Newsy has been added recently in SD. Not entirely sure what package it's included in. Third, FS2, widely an asked for channel has been added in HD.
Performance internet speeds and Blast speeds have been increased to 60Mbps down, and 100Mbps down, respectively. To closer align the prices, here in the southern region Performance internet by itself went up $5 from $55.95 to $60.95. Blast price and all other internet tiers stayed the same price at least in this region.
Broadcast TV fee jumped from $6.75 to $7.75 and the regional sports fee increased here from $5 to $6.75 and gateway rental went to $11.00 up a dollar a month.
IMO, losing so many subs Comcast has added FS2, and is pushing hard for customers to invest in their own modem/router or gateway. As always, for the best value they recommend a 2 yr contract but as long as you keep 1 service no ETF. Also a win/win is signing up for ecobill & autopay. It will reduce your bill by $5 a month and you can change this anytime..just can't add it back and still qualify for the discount. So feasibly one could save $16.00 by investing in their own modem and signing up for ecobill and autopay. Not crazy about autopay.
Their "XFi" is nice allowing you to assign, monitor, set parental controls, and pause any device you choose. You also have complete control of the gateway if you need to reset it, change a Wi-Fi channel, change the password, etc. Very user friendly. Also lets you see the data used in 1 centralized convienient place and history for last 4 months.
Xfinity Mobile is a nice service to have if you have their internet. For me, using 1 line, just paying for the phone and taxes comes to 10.26 every month. I pay by the gig, $12, expensive. But for a single person whose city is basically an entire hotspot that Comcast has built hotspots covering basically an entire town I'm constantly on Wi-Fi. So I don't even use the 100Mb included.
Not saying or endorsing Comcast in any way, but at least for a system rebuilt from the ground up back in 2007 and now with major investments, it has improved a great deal. Image and stability and actually communicating with a CSR can still be a challenge however

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