Controlling one SG2100 from multiple receivers?

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Jun 23, 2005
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Is there a standard way to control one SG2100 positioner with multiple receivers?

I am thinking of using 0/12 volt switches with a "simple dc control circuit" which would only allow one receiver at a time to have motor control. The 0/12 volt switches would access diseqc switches or the motor. The motor side of the 0/12 volt switches would connect with a standard splitter to the motor.

I have had a version of this working before, but using the diseqc switch (position 4) instead of a 0/12 volt switch. But I would like to have a fail safe method which does not rely on diseqc commands. Also the diseqc switch method did not have a way to lock out other receivers when one receiver had motor control.

Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions.


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Mar 16, 2004
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I assume you would only be using one receiver at a time, moving the antenna would disrupt signal to any other receivers you might be using.

The best, unfortunately also the most expensive, solution would be a separate motor and dish for each individual receiver.


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Feb 27, 2005
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You could use the loop through on the master receiver to connect the slave receiver. However, one receiver needs to be off for the 2nd receiver to control the motor.
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