CubaVision 58w

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Yes I get it no problem, I stored it using a universal LNBF then switched to a standard and its still there.

A universal is needed usually.
Thanks Pete! I have 3 Universal LNB's sitting in a box :) What did you say the limits onthe SG2100 motor are? Was it 70 degrees? If so, I should be able to put my Universal LNB on it and swing the motor over to 58w :)

If you ever get a chance, try to get CubaVision with your Traxis 3500. I have never had a Universal LNB and the Traxis scanned it right in. I was not able to do that with my Manhattan 1500 or Neusat SP2600, so I'm thinking it is a unique feature of the Traxis 3500.
Yes Gary the Traxis DBS 3500 does scan it right in with a standard LNBF! :)
Nothing quite like watching baseball in the winter!

Plus there are lots of other interesting things on this satellite when scanned with a Universal. I have my 40" primestar on this satllite 24/7
Cubavision and Cubavision International are also available on the Hispasat satellite at 30ºw with a standard LNB. (For those who can see this satellite)
you should have no issues getting 58W and Cubavision (or as I call it Fidelvision) :D
just need a Universal set up. I tried it with my Coolsat (pete's trick) but the Coolsat removes the TP when I set the LO back to 10750 :(
Looking at "the" list, it show an lnb lo of 9750. I set my lnb to this. Scanning now. 21/400!

I had scanned it in under the universal setting and no go. I might need to get the primestar out and aim for it. The neighbors tree MIGHT be in the way :)
Okay you guys peaked my curiosity! I motored the dish over to 30W (since I only have a standard lnb) and scanned away. Nothing came up on the Coolsat using blind scan. :(

However, when I cycled through the tp listing in the "manual scan" it picked up everything without a hitch.

Cubavision coming in with a ~90% quality.

Don't know why blind scan didn't work though.:confused:
No 58w or 61 or 61.5w :( I am pretty sure the neighbors tree is in the way :( I might setup the primestar in a bucket and see what I get.
Or. I could redo my setup and move it. Not sure if those 2 satellites are worth the time and $ to put a new post in the ground and such.
lol Larry
you will do anything to tinker. I'm still waiting to hear you say you converted one of the bucket mounts into a trailer hitch mount to go behind the Trailblazer. lol

i would try the bucket mounted primestar in a different location to see if you can get a different angle away from the trees and diseqc switch it into your motor system at the pole (between the motor & lnb) that will give you a extension from there. :)
I just might have to do that this weekend :) I am going through and re scanning and changing each satellite to UNIV since I switched lnbs. So far every satellite I have gained 6% on the meter.
change them to 10600 (from 10750) and turn the 22k on....that way when you blind scan you dont have to wait while it scans the low band which only PAS9 has
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