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May 30, 2005
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So I have what I believe is a 10 foot orbitron dish. It has the button hook for the lnb arm/ holder.

I've read many people on here say the C/KU LNBFs are very fussy.

With that said I don't want a corotor setup, I'd like to receive C and KU using one 10 foot dish so I can keep the amount of equipment needed down.

Has anyone used these dual LNBF holders for C band dishes with a prime focus KU LNBF? I'm thinking that and a titanium c band LNBF. Would work amd wondering if anyone has done this?

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Jun 26, 2006
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Two dishes will always yield better results. But one is doable. I just switched from a separate Ku dish to everything on my 10 foot perforated Unimesh. I ran ortho feeds on both dishes to a 4x8 switch and worked great. New house has very little line of sight so I put the Unimesh up with a ortho C-Band feed. Missed Ku and had a ADL corotor here and decided to use it. I am back to controlling polarity with the ASC1, but it is worth it. Fine tuning the polarity has brought me alot off the Ku side. I would not recommend a side mounted LNBF on one dish. You will get some, but constantly be chasing the signal.

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