From Satellite Talk to a Thriving Community: SatelliteGuys Turns 20!

Congratulations on 20 Years, SatelliteGuys! Scott has created a nexus where people with the knowledge and people looking for help have been able to communicate over the years. It’s adapted to meet the changing landscape of media consumption, adding new Forums for new Satellite providers (Voom, Orby) and then Video over IP and streaming services. He added the non-Satellite Forums as Members found common interests in the Shows, Movies, and Sports we shared over the BUDs and pizza dishes, then OTA and Internet.

We have had some of the best Members over the past 20 years, and we remember those who have passed on after becoming our friends and fellow SatelliteGuys. Thanks again, Scott & P.G. for welcoming us into your site!
Ive been here 18 years on this coming October 11 and have been a Pub/Lifetime supporter since shortly thereafter. I literally visit this site every day to see whats going on and to keep up with the industry. I have saved tons of money and learned a lot from the members here. Speaking of the members, this place is perhaps the least toxic site of its type on the Internet. This a credit to Scott, the mods and all of the members for making this an enjoyable place to be. Thanks everyone. Congratulations!
Congratulations on 20 years Scott!

I remember 15 years ago when I first got Dish I went looking for online help and found you and the other site. The other site got quickly abandoned as there was just no comparison! SatelliteGuys has been my go-to site ever since.

On to the next 20! (If Satellite TV is still around that long :))
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