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I've been Vooming for 2 weeks now and, pq and software issues aside, I'm quite the happy camper. I've had my HD ready set (Mits 55807) for over 2 years now and have, until 2 weeks ago, not taken advantage of the HD capabilities of the set. The reason was the lack of HD programming available to those of us who want to see it.

I hang out in the Home Theater Spot (great HT forum) and have complained more than once about the lack of programming. I always got replies from people who loved the HD they were getting but they weren't getting much of it. I felt like I was the only one who was getting a little peaved about the lack of HD programming available. It's nice to see there are many more of us out there who have been unhappy with DTV and Dish falling asleep on HD. I mean, it's insulting to see the amount of HD channels they're offering. Sure sure, they *claim* they're working on adding more. They *claim* they can't add more because of bandwidth, contracts, etc. Bottom line is they have not been providing much in the way of HD programming. If it was so hard why has Voom, an upstart, been able to do a better job at it? Sure, I know all about bandwidth limitations and all that but if DTV/Dish wasn't so set on offering a gazillion crappy-looking channels maybe they'd be offering a few more HD channels!

Alright, I'm kind of rambling here but I just wanted to say--as I've said before in other words--I admire what Voom is working to do. Are there problems? Sure. I expected them before I was installed and I certainly expect them going forward for a while. It's a price I'm willing to pay now that I've seen what my Mits is capable of. I'm also really looking forward to viewing more and more programming in HD. I've gotta say it's been easy to get used to viewing stuff in HD. I still have my DTV installation (for sports) and I HATE switching back! When Voom can add more sports and a DVR they'll win a LOT more customers.

Alright, I just wanted to ramble a bit. Talk amoungst yourselves...

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dish has all those shopping channels. That lets me know where their focus is on bandwidth RIGHT THERE. Too bad for them, good for you. Welcome to Voom!

The 4 main things (IMHO) Voom needs to work on:
1. Installers who either badmouth the product TO THE CUSTOMER, or do not know how to install Voom properly. There are too many threads on botched installs.
2. Get ESPN SD or HD or both. it's the #1 cable network in the country. Gotta have it.
3. Fix their hardware. They are very good about updates, but it keeps people away. (OTA mapping is a sub-unit of this)
4. Alienating the core customer base. Taking away the lease option from charter members gives people the impression that Voom has no customer loyalty, which again keeps people from signing on in the first place.

These can be worked out and when they are worked out I think Voom will be unstoppable.

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