Hughesnet dish to FTA.

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  1. Can a hughesnet dish 36x26 be reused for KU band FTA? If i can I would like to aim the dish at a news satellite\s IF multiple LNBs are worth the effort. I am not real religious, is 97w worth it? How would i mount the new LNB? Can i make this work on a budget of 100$ for one TV? I need everything but the dish, pole, coax and tools. Thanks IMG_20170903_151914536.jpg
  3. You can. It is not ideal but it will work. To start with I would fashion a jig to mark exactly where the throat of that feedhorn sits right now.
    Then I would get a universal bracket and linear LNBF. If it works out ok you would try and add multiple LNBFs later.
    A few places to purchase this stuff. If all else fails I should have everything you need in my store.
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  4. Thanks KE4EST. I was curious if it would work. As long as i can get 2 or 3 sats i will be happy. i will have time next week to put it up. Thanks again
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  5. Once you have 2 or 3 sats you will have caught the fever,you will never be happy til you get them all. :devilish
  6. You tell me after i start. lol How true
  7. i set up the new avenger pll322s-2 lnb on the dish i was able to get SES2, G19, echostar 10/11 but i think the focal point is off slightly. only getting about 25% signal. Cloud cover a big 0 signal. I wrapped string around the dish quartered the string, then marked the dish at the quarter points. Using 4 pieces of string taped on the points i cut the string to the old lnb dimple. then set the new lnb dimple to the string. i tried to move the new lnb around slightly by hand but not much help, Also moved the dish elevation and azimuth around once i got the satellite "locked" to max the singal. tried 3 different coax cables each 6 feet long no difference. i am outside with a tv next to the dish. i assume my questions are, did i set the focal point right? KE4EST said to the throat, i didnt know where on the throat,so i went to the dimple. Is 25% signal right for this type of dish? thanks everyone.
  8. I'm using almost the same setup except Directv Slimline looks about the same size though, using the X2 V1-HD receiver I was getting roughly the same Quality 25% on most but as high as 40% but that took a lot of tweaking using the fine tuning screws but I don't think the hughes dish has them, someone correct me if I'm wrong. Mine also holds with even moderate rain granted down to 10%.
  9. yes it does have the fine tuning screws. i also im using the same receiver. does your receive have 91W ku? its labled as Ku but when selected its C band. Aslo 91w Nimiq 6 is labled Nimiq 1, how is yours?
  10. Same for me I have two listings for 91W Nimiq 1 and Galaxy 17 Nimiq 1 being ku and Galaxy 17 being C-band. both of those can be changed by highlighting the Frequency to the correct setting for either ku or c. Sorry working from memory because the IR port broke off my receiver, That mini-usb port at least on mine was weak when I bought it
  11. the mini usb seems good on mine. the C band is labeled with a "_C" even after i change the frequency i still cant get Ku band on G17[/QUOTE]

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  12. [/QUOTE]

    Did you try doing a blind scan, the tp listed are just presets or just use the Nimiq 1. The receiver doesn't really know what sat its pointed at
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    Right, just delete those transponders. Some vendors pre-load transponders.
  14. Did you try doing a blind scan, the tp listed are just presets or just use the Nimiq 1. The receiver doesn't really know what sat its pointed at[/QUOTE]
    blind scan Nimiq1, quality of 33 on didnt find any channels. with the other sats i had 25 quality found all channels.
  15. delete Nimiq or G17. both?
  16. Looking at the second pic, you have a ku band lnb setting with a C-band frequency highlighted. Add a ku band frequency. This is for freeisforme. Catamount
  17. Highlight the TP push the green button twice to add a TP and add the following TP Freq 12011 polarity V SR 13334 that should give you a TP that does have programming on it. On 91W I get several signal locks with no channels I'm guessing they are data streams.
  18. As in the menu Galaxy 17 should be Ku band, when selected only the C band TPs show up" in first pic there should be a listing for "Galaxy 17_C" without the "_C" means Ku band
  19. I add the the Ku Tp on G17. when i blind scan will the other Ku TP show up?
  20. after you enter that tp and OK push the escape button to get to the blind scan menu and the TP should be selected , Last I was to check the only 24hr TP is that one, so if you get that locked the blind scan and you should be good and yes any other tps found in the blind will be added to the list
  21. Awesome i hope it works, i dont have the dish pointed at G17. I will try tomorrow or sunday and report back. thanks for taking the time to help me out.
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