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Discussion in 'SatelliteGuys Support Center' started by Scott Greczkowski, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. home setup has gone to crap apparently. Checked the stats this and realized I've generated almost nothing for a few days now. :confused:

    Got home, checked the logs, and just getting this over and over. No changes in home setup or network in weeks. Anybody have any ideas?


    Main status screen:

  3. The error log says that Stanford is not responding. That usually means one of two things:

    1. The server is down
    2. The FAH client's ability to phone home has been cut off

    The work server is responding to pings but it isn't responding to HTTP or HTTPS requests so I'm guessing the web server portion of the work server is down.

    As it turns out, I'm having a similar problem with the same server! It is timing out on an HTTPS connection and the server is "actively refusing" an HTTP connection. Fortunately for me, I'm part way into a unit so I'm still folding.
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  4. It looks like you have two WUs in your work queue that might be causing problems. Queue entry 00 is ready to Send, but as you saw, it isn't able to send. There is a thread over on the Folding Support forum about the & servers not accepting Work. Re: unable to upload to or

    Regarding Work Queue entry 03, that looks like it probably needs to be released to allow someone else to process it. There was a good write-up on how to make this happen earlier in our Folding thread.
  5. There's a post today that recommends leaving it alone in the event that the server problem is fixed before it expires.
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  6. Ah, good to know. :thumbup
  7. At least my connectivity issue cleared up around midnight last night, and seems to be flowing normally again overnight and this morning!
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  8. Congrats to FLCLKrazy for reaching 35 Million Points. :clapping
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  9. Congrats to Foxbat for reaching 800 Million Points. :everybodydance
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  10. Well, at least one thing went my way today! Woo-hoo!!!

    Looks like I have the place to myself for a week, then Scorpy crashes through, and a week after that, Voyager6. Make sure you turn off the lights leaving 700 MegaPoints Voyager6, lest people think we burn energy for no good reason... ;)
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  11. I'm never going to be able to catch youse guys. :hatsoff Kindly leave the key under the mat, I should be moving in in a bit over a month.
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  12. Looks like the server went down again yesterday.
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  14. Which means we get a massive 39 Million Point Day! Our best ever!!! ;)
    Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 09.25.10 .png
    (too bad we can't keep that up over time...)
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  15. Congrats to hancox for reaching 2 Million Points. :clapping
  16. Kudos to Voyager6 for reaching 800,000,000 points. :hatsoff How's the weather up there?
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  17. It's great. I am honored to be here with the likes of the Fox and Scorpion. I left a nightlight on for you in the 700M Room since you will be there in just over a week.
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  18. Congrats to FLCLKrazy for reaching 40 Million Points.:clapping
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  19. I'm around two weeks away from relinquishing the top spot to Scorpy again. It's been a good run at #1...
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  20. Congrats to hancox for reaching 3 Million Points. :clapping
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  21. Congrats to gdarwin for reaching 9 Million Points. :clapping
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