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  1. Congrats to the point counting server for Actually Counting Points This Afternoon. :clapping

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  3. Howdy, Voyager6, welcome to 700,000,000 Points!!!
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  4. The FAH Monitor App for iOS has just been updated by Christian Lohmann to v3.0.0 and it includes a huge number of improvements like protein visualization, Folding Slot control, SSH Tuner support, and Stats. There is also an Apple Watch app as well as iPad. I must say, well done!

    Here are some examples of the iPhone screens:
    Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 09.40.21.png
    Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 09.43.23.png
  5. Congrats to smasho for reaching 600 Million Points. :clapping
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  6. Congrats to FLCLKrazy for reaching 20 Million Points. :clapping
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  8. Yeah...but we'll make it back up when the pass that upcoming flock of iSheep in a couple weeks. :D
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  9. There. I fixed it for you.

    Sadness that we will be grinding away until May 2018 before we hit the Top 50.
  10. Welcome new folder Hancox and kudos on your first 20000 points. :welcome2
  11. Not "new" :) It had been a while though.
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  12. Congrats to Scott (aka SatelliteGuys) for reaching 300 Million Points. :clapping
  13. Congrats to ke4est for reaching 400 Million Points. :clapping
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  14. I noticed yesterday I was close, I looked this morning and saw I had hit 400M!!
  15. that guy is always trying to one up me. :D :D

    Congrats Michael!
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  16. You will catch up some day...maybe.. :D
  17. Congrats to JoshuaM for reaching 200 Million Points. :clapping
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  18. Congrats to hancox for reaching 700K Points. :clapping
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  19. When will the Scorpion get back into Folding? SatGuys has pretty much flatlined at 6 Million PPD.
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    Scott or one of the Staff could tell us, but it appears that Scorpion.sting is no longer a SatelliteGuy. :oldfrown It looks like the last time he checked in was back in April.

    In happier news, we will be #51 by this time tomorrow, having left - Team Folding in our silicon dust...

    And speaking of Scott, it looks like Microsoft Windows 10 Updates struck again...
    Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 09.04.19 .png
  21. His member page is still there, but shows he hasn't been here since mid-April: