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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
Some users have been having trouble logging into SatelliteGuys...

We have just found one issue that could be causing the problem for some... for others its still a browser issue...

For the issue I found the issue was we recently upgraded our web server software NGINX to the latest version. With that version it appears they changed the way they handle redirects...

So some people were typing in their browser http://satelliteguys.us which should have redirected you to http://www.satelliteguys.us

I noticed this issue this morning when I couldn't log in and went to clear my cookies... and saw I had two sets... www and non www.

I do hope this clears up the issue for many folks (if not clear ALL of your SatelliteGuys cookies) then try again.

In addition it appears that Firefox has released a new version with some kind of new security feature. With this feature on it strips a number of functions from working here at SatelliteGuys, such as PM's not working, Search not working, icons missing / not showing and moderator tools missing... its a MESS and its nothing we can control as its the browser doing it.

Users have reported by turning off this security feature in Firefox all functions run normal again.

I do hope this helps those that have been having problems, I apologize to those that have been having issues, as I don't want to keep anyone away from the site.
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