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Sep 30, 2003
Bergen co NJ
refering to yahoo#'s

The number of posts here were the highest in NOV after the
launch.Dec dipped.January was way down,people frustrated now a big
pick-up,where by today we will have more then all Of JAN..Just a
guage..OH and other other forums many posts saying they called for
instalation of VOOM or will soon or just add 1 more,where before the
die hards D* &E*'s said no way..SEE VOOM WILL MAKE IT..keep going

NOW As Patton said (not in these words exactly) You have the other
sats by the nose,add a few more HD channels fix the bugs go to mpeg
4,and Kick em in the Ass!.You Voom wil lead...only in america! :)

:) :yes :D

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

I agree. VOOM has the so called HDTV leaders (E* and D*) by the throat. Now is the time tighten more the robe by bringing on INHD I & II and fixing some of the problems.