NHL 2015-16 Season


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Go, Lightning !!!

I know, I'm a Steelers fan, but never been a Pens fan, Go Red Wings !!!

Lightning are run by the Red Wing Captain Steve Yzerman ....
Man I wish he'd come back home to Detroit, however I don't see that happening as he's built the Lightning very nicely.
That said, he has some difficult choices to be made contract wise in the next year.


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I have just found out that they awarded a NHL expansion team to Las Vegas(starts playing 2017-18), which makes 31 teams in the NHL. They came up with a lame @$$ excuse as to why they didn't award a team to Quebec City(weak Canadian dollar, to many teams stacked in the east, etc.). Why not 32 teams so that it won't screw up the schedule? Give Quebec City a team also.


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The Las Vegas Gamblers? LOL

I agree, bring back the Nordiques.
The Black Knights

While I agree they should've expanded to Quebec City first, the city did go ahead without any guarantees from the NHL and built a new 18k seat arena which reported an operating loss of 1.5 million in the first 3 months.

If you build it, they might not come!


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Interesting name. Thanks for the information.

So has anyone heard yet if we'll get NHLGC included with the NHLCI TV package next season, like they do now with MLBEI and NBALP?


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what's up with the bye weeks in the NHL Schedule? i only heard about it but how does it work?
Bye weeks only occur for the Winter Olympic Games...ie- Men's hockey. IE: When Canada defends the hockey golds! :canada

IMO, the best hockey ever played were during the Canada Cups and the Summit Series (Cold War Russia vs Canada)



IIRC, over half the country was tuned into these. Give you an ideal... Team Canada got boo'ed off their own ice for stinking up a game.

I remember back in 87 the cable went out during the a game. Living in small town (under 7000). Folks were calling the cable company owner at home and knocking on his door. He almost got chased out of town.

This year's "World Cup of Hockey" in September pales in comparison.

Arguable the greatest hockey game ever was the New Year's Eve 1975 between the Canadiens and the Soviet Red Army. Tretiak vs Dryden stole the show.
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