Edision OS mio 4k - motor setup for blind scan (1 Viewer)

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Apr 8, 2014
Conway, AR
I'm loving this new receiver, thanks Titanium!

Here is my question. This is on the Satdreamgr North American image. When I go to the blind scan screen, and then select a satellite -- how do I instruct the receiver to move the rotor to that position before I choose the green button - start scan? If I start the scan but the rotor is not there, the scan proceeds before the satellite is in position, missing much of the spectrum. I assumed the rotor would move to that position as I selected the satellite on this screen, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

Here is my motor setup. This is a STAB HH90. Between the motor and my universal Ku LNB is a DiSEqC switch with just one input for now. Does anything look off?


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May 23, 2013
Meadow Vista, Northern California

Your set-up looks correct for the signal path. Once the satellite has been Blind Scanned and transponders logged the first time, the motor will automatically move to the selected satellite for future scans.

To prevent the motor from dancing around as you navigate through the satellites, press the PVR button to display a list of satellites. Navigate down the list then press OK to select and move to the highlighted satellite.

If you know the Horizontal and Vertical movement speed and step size, enter them now. If you find that the motor movement indicator times out early or late, change the degrees per second to match the approximate run time. For Example: The resolution on my test bench C-band dish is approximately 1/10 of a degree per count. The Horizontal and Vertical speed is approximately .8 degrees per second.
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