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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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It's been a busy day today for me. :) First with all the Sirius Radio stuff and tonight with SatelliteGuys Radio.

For some reason the radio station automatic song selection program kept selecting and playing the same 4 songs over and over again.

I fixed that today temporarly by adding a bunch of songs by hand to the queue. In the day I spiced things up a bit by playing Double Shots of Artists. :)

Tonight I tried to fix the audomatic song selection and was unable to do so, so I ended up wiping everything out on the Radio Server and starting from scratch with a fresh install of our DJ program SAM.

I am happy to say this fixed the problem and also fixed the requests feature. :D

I have also gone through and added a bunch of new songs from the 60's to today. While the station is mainly a classic rock / 80's hits station I have gone through and added a bunch of songs from the 60's to today. I tried not to add a bunch of sappy love songs but there are a few in there. :)

I am working on a new interface, complete with song search, I am almost done, everything is working now I am working to get it looking like our current Radio site. Once that is done I will update things more.

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