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I do hope that everyone who celebrated Christmas had a good one, and the same well wishes go to everyone else who celebrated other religious holidays around the country!

SatelliteGuys has had a great 2006, THANK YOU for helping us make SatelliteGuys.US America's Satellite Information Source in 2006!

We are already hard at work for 2007, and will once again be kicking off 2007 with our World Class CES Coverage! We cover the satellite world at CES like no one else!

I should note that the Talking Head will be making it's return to SatelliteGuys CES coverage again this year. The Talking Head allows us to give you the breaking news DIRECTLY from the show floor as soon as it is announced! NO ONE gives you Satellite News from the floor faster then SatelliteGuys.US!

A word of warning about our Talking Head feature, while it will only be displayed on our homepage it will only play one time until it is updated, and then it will autmatically play again when updated. Some folks are at work and may not want this Talking Head Feature to start talking. We are happy to report that you can turn off this feature by going to the User Control pantel and turning the Talking Head OFF.

Durring CES we will be meetings with DirecTV executives and are hoping to expand our DirecTV coverage in 2007! In fact we are very excited about our opportunities with DirecTV in 2007!

Of course in 2007 we will also continue our tradition of bringing you the most extensive Dish Network information found anywhere.

Also in 2007 we are proud to announce that we will be selecting and awarding the 2007 SatelliteGuy of the Year, this year sponsored by DishStore.NET!

For the first time ever we will be accepting nominations for the world class honor from our supporting pub members, and then once we have the nominations the top 5 nominies will get put on a special ballot where all of our registered members will be able to vote and will choose the SatelliteGuy of the Year!

The SatelliteGuy of the Year will not only win the amazing SatelliteGuy of the Year award but also $500 Cash from our friends at DishStore.NET!

Everyone who is a SatelliteGuys member is eligible to be nominated, The SatelliteGuy of the Year should be a person who goes out of their way to help other members get more out of their satellite systems!

In April SatelliteGuys.US will be a major force at the 2007 Satellite and Broadband Expo in Atlanta, GA! If you are in the Atlanta area come on down and see us! We will have additional announcements soon about the 2007 SBE! :)

2006 was very successfull for SatelliteGuys Radio! I was very proud when I checked the stats and saw that over 120 unique IP addresses tuned into SatelliteGuys Radio on Christmas Eve and Day! It means a lot that we could be part of your celebrations!

SatelliteGuys radio will be going on a temporary hiatus on Janurary 1st. While its offline we will be revamping the music library, and when it relaunches you will find the best Pop and Classic Rock from the 70's, 80's, 90's and Today!

SatelliteGuys.US would not be here today if it were not from the kind financial support of our "Pub Members" these folks are SatelliteGuys members who decided to say thanks by suporting us financially!

In addition we would also like to thank our sponsors who also help us pay our bills. Every day we get companies wanting to advertise with us here at SatelliteGuys, we have hand selected each and every one of our sponsors because we think they are some of the best at what they do!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! Thank you again for a great 2006!
Scott any chance of adding a low bandwidth stream to the radio for us dialup users??

Hi Bob,

To be honest with its probably not likely. We use to have a dial up stream and a broadband stream. The dialup stream was removed after we saw in the logs that the dialup stream was only used twice in three month!

When we removed it we did not hear anything about it until now.

Since SatelliteGuys radio is being uploaded from my house doing a 24 /7 stream that no one listens to not only takes away from my home interenet service but bandwidth away from the SatelliteGuys server as well as the server is still receiving the stream.

Hope this gives you a better understanding a and answer to your question. :)
I will be there, and a few others from SatelliteGuys may be there as well. :)

Come on down to the SBE :)
Holy Crap! I thought a table rental was only a couple K...that must have been one expensive Porn Star. Hmmm. Based on last years pics, she wasn't worth more than $10 an hour if you ask my opinion.
No the big money was the rental of the 25 computers we had setup. I think the carpet rental and tables for the computers were another grand or two.
Holy Crap! I thought a table rental was only a couple K...that must have been one expensive Porn Star. Hmmm. Based on last years pics, she wasn't worth more than $10 an hour if you ask my opinion.

Don't let ole 'Berg hear you say that! :D
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