Testing the new Titanium C138 Performance Plus C Band LNBF

Will make an announcement here on SatelliteGuys when the blue filter C140 and C240 LNBFs are available. Also will show in stock and available at:
I'm desperate LOL. 5G has struck again and has been pretty much overwhelming my Perf+ Red LNBF for the last 2 weeks. Transponders on 4120MHz and up seem to be much more stable. Anything under is almost unwatchable.
Sorry for the delay. We have been working on several revisions to further tighten the bandpass filter edge. The units that had previously worked well on the bench under simulated 5G interference (prior to the N77 upper band launch) did not provide the same performance in real world testing. I am still not satisfied with the filtration of the current samples and will not manufacture until the performance is to the standard that I would select for my own system. Will post an update when the 4000 - 4200 MHz BPF units are in production.