Thunderbolt Gingerbread finally released!

and please don't forget that right after you root, install titanium backup and backup all your apps+system data. if your contacts aren't synced with google then export them to your sd card. if you can install rom manager and backup your current rom via cwm or other in case you ever need to go back to it or something goes wrong when flashing a new rom.
I use Sprite backup and it is automatic every morning at 5AM, saved out to my SD card. The backup file can restore the phone to that condition in minutes just by launching the single file. Thanks for the tip on rom manager. I will look into that.
I forgot all about "nandroid backups". I tried it once, but it is such a slow process I never tried it again. I'm not afraid of "losing" anything anyway. Important stuff is on the SD card and I can manually backup text messages (also to SD card). I don't download/install hundreds of apps either so I can generally remember what I had (and if I really need it or use it to reinstall).
Yeah I don't do the nandroid backups, I just install the room again.

Now they have it that we don't have to wipe and stay from scratch anymore, we flash and everything is just where I left it.
If you Download a corrupt rom file you're gonna wish you had a backup of your previous makes things easier in case of a brick
If you download a corrupt ROM and you disable CRC checks in your recovery tool (some don't even allow this), you'll just be stuck in recovery generally. If you did NOT disable CRC checks, the corrupted ROM will fail the check and your recovery tool will NOT allow you to flash it.

That reminds of people reporting an "issue" with the ROM after they have it up and running. People will often respond "you probably got a corrupted download... re-download it and flash it again". Arghhhhh !! No !!

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