XM vs. Sirius Round 10---Christian Music

Which Service Has Better Chrisain Music ?

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Peter Parker

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Sep 9, 2003
Ok have at it! This genre is not my cup of tea. But let's see what you all think. Next wekk audio quality.
Well, I have XM and do tend to listen to Christian Rock, but XM's channel 32, "The Message" is the WORST Christian station I've ever heard. Just for reference, I heard Paris Hilton, and Snow Patrol on there the other day. I have XM, but their Christian stuff SUCKS.
Geronimo, thanks for including Christian music because I do care about this format. This is one area were I believe both providers can do better especially if they have the bandwidth to carry more channels. I've looked at both but I need more programming choices before I subscribe.

Both have Christian A/C and Urban Gospel channels. Sirius has a Christian Rock channel while XM has a Southern Gospel channel. Here are other formats that they may need to add to get more Christian music fans to subscribe:

1. A Modern Worship channel.

2. An Inspirational channel.

3. A Traditional Black Gospel channel.

4. A Classic CCM channel from the 60's & 70's (Yes there was Contemporary Christian Music during these periods. In fact there were a lot of artists that many people haven't heard because there was a lack of Christian music stations and labels to promote them at that time. This would be the hardest to add because many albums are out of print and were never released on CD. But I would subscribe in a heart beat if I could find such a channel.)

5. A 80's CCM channel.

6. A 90's CCM channel.

7. A Christian Hard Rock/Alternative channel.

8. And in the tradition of the all Elvis channel how about an all Amy Grant or Michael W. Smith channel. I'm just kidding folks!

I'm sure one could advocate other formats (like Christian Rap or Christian Country) but neither of these formats have yet developed a solid base of artists over a long period.

Thanks again for including Christian music!
the music definitely has a following. I started this to be a reference for people comparing the services so I hope we get some comments.
I kind of like The Message, XM 32. And for the record, I have personally never heard Paris Hilton or Snow Patrol on there. I find that as The Message has moved more toward a Hot AC format, it is more listenable for me, since they have reduced the number of older songs, and added more urban & light hip-hop material from artists like Toby Mac & Out Of Eden.

Sirius Spirit // 66 seems too similar to terrestrial stations such as K-LOVE or WAY-FM for my taste; I feel satellite should offer something a little more interesting than that. Sirius Revolution // 67 is not bad, but has a very expansive idea of Christian Rock that includes artists like Alter Bridge and Creed, as well as Scott Stapp's solo material. I've even heard Collective Soul on 67. I would argue this approach might very well suit those who like Christian Rock but want more variety and/or are tired of the strict musical approach that some terrestrial stations have to the format.

And, FWIW, my favorite Christian station is Hip Hop / R&B Y Hot from Orlando, FL at http://www.radioy.com/ - they are even carried on the HD2 signal of parent station Christian AC Z88.3.
Nota singlt XM vote. Not even by the guy that said he preferred it.
Well the poll that no one cared about is now history. The final score is posted above. and Don't Know/Don't Care now has more victories than XM!

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