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  1. scottie_h

    SD-DVR to HD-DVR upgrade

    My last (free) upgrade was April of 2008. I'd love to hold out for the HR34, but we bought our son an HDTV and that thing looks just awful with the SD-DVR - depends how long I can hold out. :) Maybe I'll buy the HR24, and then swap an HR34 for my old HR20 down the road...
  2. scottie_h

    SD-DVR to HD-DVR upgrade

    I called a couple weeks ago to inquire about upgrading an R-15 to an HD-DVR. I was quoted $199 + shipping. Is that the going rate these days, or do I have any shots at better deals? I have 3 HD-DVRs already - not sure if that makes a difference or not (and I got two of those for free).
  3. scottie_h

    NFL Sunday Ticket??

    A few years ago I finally tried ST because they had a payment plan of $20/mo (for I believe 12 months), which was a little more budget friendly. I haven't seen that mentioned since then.
  4. scottie_h

    Satellite channel listing?

    It was pixelating and pausing a lot. As it got later, it was getting worse - would completely pause for 5-10 seconds at a time and instead of a few small pixels have the screen was covered with large pixel blocks. I finally had to turn it because it just wasn't watchable. I watched the local...
  5. scottie_h

    Satellite channel listing?

    Thanks Jimbo - I edited my original post to note that I am talking about ESPN-HD. I'm guessing this is my issue? 103(s) 1-8 0 0 0 61 0 0 N/A N/A I haven't taken the time to scroll through channel by channel to check for issues, but I did notice that FSN-HD is having issues as...
  6. scottie_h

    Satellite channel listing?

    Is there a list somewhere of what channels are on which satellite? I'm having all kinds of signal issues on ESPN-HD tonight, and want to make sure I'm looking at the right satellite for signal quality. At quick glance, nothing caught my eye on any of them. That would also allow me to check other...
  7. scottie_h

    AL Central 2010

    I'm not confident the Twins starting pitchers will keep it up, but regardless it was a fun weekend! :) The way we were playing coming into this series, I was nervous about dropping to 7.5 back by today. But by gosh, we're only 1.5 back!
  8. scottie_h

    Double Play

    You obviously didn't have a Tivo previously with dual buffers. ;) My simple answer - why record the programs if you don't have to? It comes down to what you're watching. If I'm just watching shows in general, I don't use it. I use it most often when watching sporting events. I can pause a game...
  9. scottie_h

    Is the AM21 FREE for new installs in Mkts w/o all HD Locals?

    There were all kinds of people that got them for free when they were first released - myself included. And I do have locals available in my area. I made one call asking for one, and I got it. I can't speak for today, but it was by no means uncommon to get them for free after the initial release.
  10. scottie_h

    Do you listen to AM Radio???

    I listen to AM the vast majority of the time. I have FM on for the drive to work, but for the local morning shows, not music. The rest of the day I listen to the sports talk station. Sometimes for a break I listen to Slacker on my Blackberry to the [explicit] comedy channel. :) I even love...
  11. scottie_h

    After a week of single digit temps in KY

    If it gets much colder, you're going to have to dig out your long-sleeve shirts! At least it's not coat weather yet... ;)
  12. scottie_h

    Upgrade to HD DVR info

    As others have stated, I'd call D* first and see what they have to offer. If you don't get a very good deal, maybe try back a few days later. I can't speak for deals that are happening these days, but I've gotten an HD-Tivo (since 'retired), an HR-21 and an HR-22 for free simply by calling and...
  13. scottie_h

    DVR Service Fee

    It's worth every penny. Period.
  14. scottie_h

    HR2x / R22 Software Release 8/22 v.034C (Addition of Double-Play & More)

    As a former DirecTV Tivo users, I can just say YAAAAAY! :) I'm sure I can find some discussion in the forums, but does DirecTV list any of these new features and how they function on their website?
  15. scottie_h

    Sorry for Switch to Direct TV

    While it is extremely rare, we do lose signal on occasion. But it takes a very heavy rain to do so. We have never lost signal on a cloudy day, in light rain or even in any snow storm. So I'd say we lose signal maybe 4-5 times per summer, and that is typically for only a few minutes since the...
  16. scottie_h

    Cost for adding an extra Receiver

    Correct - if you buy from Costco, Best Buy, etc it has messages all over the box indicating that it will still be a leased receiver.
  17. scottie_h

    Directv dual receiver

    Not that it makes a difference to the OP, but to clarify: you do not have to run two lines to DVRs. To utilize both tuners you indeed need to run two lines or use SWM, but the DVRs will function with a single line and tuner. We only have one line running to our bedroom DVR, and it functions just...
  18. scottie_h

    DirecTV's High-Def Signal...

    I remember reading a post explaining that the MPEG4 signals were more "touchy" then MPEG2. The explanation made total sense, but hell if I can think of the specifics to write it out myself right now. I'm brain dead right now. :)
  19. scottie_h

    $5 increase in new bill from DTV

    The price increases were announced 2-3 months ago.
  20. scottie_h

    HD DVR Question

    You can attach an external drive to the HR22.
  21. scottie_h

    HD DVR Question

    I won't say I don't miss it - because I do. But I've learned to live without it - although it required changing my viewing habits to do so. I used to constantly pause one channel, then flip around on the other tuner. (although, my wife is probably happy, because I'm not flipping around as often :) )
  22. scottie_h

    DirecTV HD DVR Upgrade.. Free?

    If you heard that others were getting an HDTV for free from WalMart, wouldn't you try to get one as well? That doesn't mean you are unwilling to pay for it, just that you'd rather have it for free if that's a possibility. While some certainly may outright refuse anything but free, most others...
  23. scottie_h

    DirecTV HD DVR Upgrade.. Free?

    We have 3 HD-DVRs in our house (plus an HD-Tivo that is no longer active and has since been upgraded), and I didn't pay a penny for any of those 4. All of those receivers were upgrades after our initial installation. I never threatened to leave, never called and mentioned cable for Dish Network...
  24. scottie_h

    blocking adult channels from showing in guide

    The Tivo units allowed you to edit the "channels I get" list, so that based on whatever you selected, channels would not ever appear if you didn't want them to - whether you were using a favorites list or not. I just use a favorites list to 'work around' seeing channels that I don't want to...