Edision and swapping Ku LNBs

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Oct 12, 2010
I decided to replace the Universal Quad Ku LNB on my CM 1.2m dish. Since I pulled the Bullseye II off the C-Band dish for a C-Band only ortho, I had a couple Ku LNBs sitting on the shelf. I found a Ku orthomode feed and put it on the dish. I installed a WNC SW48 powered multi-switch for polarity switching. I changed the L.O. settings in the MIO from 9750-10600 to Ku STD 10750. My sat meter showed a good signal but I got nothing on the Edision. I fiddled around for an hour trying to figure what was happening and then it finally came to me. The Edison 22khz tone setting was not changed when I changed the L.O.. In fact you have to change that setting on every satellite you have in the list. I guess it's default setting is "band" On and Off are the other options. It doesn't bother the C-Band settings but for Ku standard it needs to be off of course.

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