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Is Iceberg's Avatar an actual picture of him?

  • Yes

    Votes: 18 24.3%
  • No

    Votes: 34 45.9%
  • No but he might look like that

    Votes: 22 29.7%

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 4, 2007
Pensacola, FL
I have been wondering this since the first time I came here and asked a questions and Ice answered me...

Is that a picture of him?!? Has anyone thought the same? hehe

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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Lifetime Supporter
Sep 9, 2003
Let'st say that is an actual picture of an Iceberg and leave it at that.

stone phillips420

On Vacation
Oct 20, 2004
lol, i know ice were from same area, he does all my dish installs for me
he's messed with all my dishes whether it be install tweak or peak
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Pub Member / Supporter
Lifetime Supporter
Feb 27, 2006
Rome, Georgia, United States
Why don't you make fun of his mother and threaten to kick his !@# and then tell him to meet you in an ally. We'll know the answer if you report back afterwards!! :)
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SatelliteGuys Pro
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Lifetime Supporter
Feb 27, 2006
Rome, Georgia, United States
It's like the neighbor on Home Improvement, batman's mask, etc., etc. We must never know the true answer so it remains a mystery.

If the "answer" is posted elsewhere, then here is my response: That post was a pure speculation and not based on validated information.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Mar 20, 2008
San Francisco
Hey my whats a may call it is a picture of me and so I believe that is a picture of iceburg---er why cant we all love one another that is the American way.


Crazed Cajun Rebel
Jan 7, 2007
Its a wrasslin' dude. I don't like rassilin', but I heard of the Iceberg...LOL

Edward (Iceberg) Chastain, Pro Wrestling Champion

2006 MatchesDateOpponentResultPro Wrestling EvolutionJan. 13, 2006 Iceberg -vs-Retain Title Scott Steele Jan. 13, 2006 w/ Tank & Shaun Tempers -vs-Won Match Rockwell & Young & Steele NWA AnarchyFeb. 04, 2006 w/ Tank, Azrael, Wilson, Dominous & Tempers -vs-Won by DQ Brandon P, Kory Chavis & Ace Rockwell Pro Wrestling EvolutionFeb. 18, 2006 in a Four-Way Dance for the Title -vs-Lost Title to "The Urban Legend" Murder One -vs- Biohazard "The Last Product of Finland" Biohazard -vs- Pro Wrestling Warfare's Bruce Steel
Edward (Iceberg) Chastain


Residence: NWA Wildside
Birth Date: ?
Birthplace: ?

Edward Chastain, or Iceberg, as his friends, enemies and victims refer to him has been an imposing figure and force in the pro wrestling circuit for over 5 years now. He has fought such wrestling legends as Carlos Colon and Abdullah the Butcher, beating the latter for the brass knuckles championship. This would be far from the last championship honors that he would claim for himself. There was even a reign of terror atop the NWA Wildside that lasted from Sept. 2002 through July 2003 and seemed as if it would never be stopped.
But he does not cite this unprecedented championship run among his most memorable acheivements, he is much classier than that, despite his "Being of Inconceivable Horror" image. He lists his bouts with Colon, Abdullah the Butcher and Mr Pogo of Japan, as his greatest acheivements, along with his mention in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 500, where he debuted at #289, and has progressed each consecutive year, placing him within the ranks of the 300 greatest professional wrestlers in the world today.

Wrestling Titles

W*ING Hardcore title (Japan)
Continental Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title
Continental Championship Wrestling Brass Knuckles title
Extreme Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title
Extreme Wrestling Alliance United States title
Ultimate Extreme Wrestling Tag Team titles
Starsouth Championship Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title
Starsouth Championship Wrestling Alliance Tag Team title
Starsouth Championship Wrestling Alliance Georgia Heavyweight title
National Wrestling Federation Heavyweight title
New Age Wrestling Alliance Hardcore title
NWA Wildside Heavyweight title defeating David Young
NWA Wildside Tag Team titles w/Tank (January 1, 2005)


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
May 22, 2004
Well rumor has it all the ladies have said that "Iceberg? Why such a cold name for a guy with a warm heart!" :D :p and for good measure :tux: as finally the penguin seems appropriate (icebergs and penguins!)


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 26, 2005
Southwestern Ontario
Ok... The big picture is coming together here. Iceberg - that 6ft dish you had on your deck, it didn't really "fall down" did it? If that's really a picture of you, I figure you grabbed it and threw it down on the deck after not being able to lock on to the 7/8 FEC on the Equity channels on C-Band :)
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