Iphone 8 crystal ball predictions

Discussion in 'iOS Devices' started by Don Landis, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. It's an apple device, which means marginally better than last year's model, maybe a new, magical feature or two that apple has recently invented even though lesser known phones have had it for years. Wireless charging maybe, or buttons integrated into the screen.
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  2. For the ten year anniversary I expect the 8, or whatever they call it, to offer a bit more than the usual incremental updates.

    I bought into Apple's upgrade plan with the 7 so I will definitely be getting the 8 when it comes out.
  3. I have been looking forward to the 8 for a while and a lot of people are expecting some pretty incredible things for the 8. I read flexible screen possible, retina scanner which should log you in without punching in a pass code or finger print and it could also track your eyeball to select things on the screen or other functionality. Curious what new technology the camera will bring. Then of course, the processor will get a nice boost. I hope the battery life gets a huge boost somehow. The display going to the edges and all buttons on screen like the androids is a given. Perhaps a wraparound screen to adjust volume and so forth on the screen as well?
  4. I am looking forward to a slightly bigger screen without adding much bulk. Also hoping for water resistance. Wireless charging would be nice too.
  5. I hope that most of these phones do not go edge to edge and curved screens. Had that with the edge 7 and its tough to find a tempered glass protector that actually fits.
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  6. I have the 6 and really don't want a bigger phone. I will likely upgrade though as my battery is becoming unreliable. My biggest "want" is legit water resistance (like what the Apple Watch 2 has).
  7. Less than $100 gets you a new battery, installed.

    I planned on moving from the 6+ to the 8, but now probably not.
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  8. I'm happy to see that Apple appears to have pretty much given up on fighting the 16x9 display ratio. Those custom screen configurations can't be cheap.

    The author's forecast price tag rockets right past "stupid money" territory.
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    I'm due for an upgrade from my 6+ in May and will wait for what this offers.

    I use the 6+ mostly for surfing the web pages as opposed to phone calling so the larger size is a must. But what will sell me is if the resolution of the OLED screen is much higher than the 6+. The reason is I'm getting into VR video and have the goggles for 360° as well as 3D SBS viewing displayed on the iphone apps. Given that I am now shooting 360 video and hopefully this summer will be upgrading to 360° 3D the need for very high resolution display is important to me. In VR, HD screens at 1080p x 1920 just doesn't cut it with these goggles. I'm not sure a 4K will but I want to test first and see.

    Wireless magnetic charging is interesting but not really necessary. In fact if my Apple watch had the same plugin connector as my iphone I would favor that although I understand that negates water proofing. When I get in the water I switch to my Tissot T Touch watch which has an easy to use timer and analog compass which for diving is important. The Apple watch use is more important to me for answering phone calls, Dick Tracy style as opposed to water proof feature. I understand Apple figured out how to make the mic and speaker work on the latest watch and still claim it is water proof. I'm not convinced that will last. I may be wrong on that. Note that the wireless charging cable is more expensive and bulkier to haul around. So there are pros and cons to both methods.

    The wrap around screen to me is just a gimmick and has no real functionality. I agree that bigger battery- longer life is a good thing too. I get about 3-4 days on my charging of the 6+ and about 42 hours on my watch. That usually works nicely to put the watch on a magnetic charging stand every other night while I'm sleeping. That stand doubles to charge 3 iphones too or another watch by adding a second magnetic charge cable.

    One thing is certain, the iphone infrastructure is addictive. The iphone is the most stable phone I have ever used, compared to my older Android phones.

    As far as the anniversary revolutionary offering- I can't imagine what they could offer other than a hearing aid style miniature phone and we already have that with the air pods but the biggest innovation for a new way to stay connected is the Apple watch. I do text messages, make phone calls, control my media audio books and music, read email, get alerts, weather updates, even stock trades all from the watch. Only time I drag out the iphone from the pocket is when I need a larger screen to do those things. To me the iphone is mostly just the central communications server on my body. The Apple watch is my work station throughout the day.
  10. I would imagine that you could say that same thing about older iPhones (except around major version upgrades where things get rather lively until the second or so subversion).

    It has been my observation that the Android VR possibilities are significantly broader than what Apple could hope to offer with their goofy screen configurations.
  11. I'm ready for micro USB. I hate lightning cables
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  12. They don't work like u think no Severus no receive ded zone what junk u pay big money don't for get them ded zone !!!! I think I will just get out my Ht 73everyone!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I hope that the screen protectors can be had for as cheap as the 6 plus and will do just as good of a job on the wraparound screen.

    The screen appears to be slightly smaller but I can accept that in exchange for a lot smaller form factor. Makes for a lot easier portability. I just hope the battery life would be just as good if not better than the 7 plus.
  14. Can this be done at an Apple Store or will we need to ship the phone back to Apple?
    I don't trust myself or ifixit to perform this task.
  15. At the Apple Store. About 30 mins, if I remember right.

    Do a backup before you go there.
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  16. Since Jobs death, the company has been taking a back seat when it comes down to innovation.

    It seems like Samsung is doing all the cool stuff these days and Apple following them a year later.
    Also its sad how much faster the Android processors are compared to the Apple optimized processors for their iOS.
    I think Android has come long ways in the last 3-4 years, it will eventually become better than iOS.
  17. I am tired of Apple patented cables, its getting annoying, but they gotta make money, all these patented stuff they make money.
  18. Amazon sells third party Lightning cables for $6 (or less if you buy quantity).

    The part that really kills is leaving the various docking solutions in the dust. Docks have become stunningly unpopular in the iPhone world and that's a shame.