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  1. Claude- I've damaged several micro USB jacks in devices with plugs that do not fit exactly as they should. That is far worse than the frustration you and I have with the lightning cables that are simply not compatible from the 5 to the 5S or 6 or 6+. I don't know why Apple had to make two types of lightning cables that look identical yet older ones don't charge the new devices. Too many times I have been traveling and discovered I had the older cable and it would not charge my phone or ipad air 2. Finally I went through and tested all I had and threw them all away that were older. Now the only ones left are those that work on everything.
  3. Now that USB-C is here, I'd like to see Apple pull their usual "We know Best" and switch the iPhone to use USB-C for the wired charging interface. They made the painful change on the 2016 MacBook Pros and it was met with Boos and howls of whining, but going forward it's a great idea. Now they just need to follow the lead of LG, Motorola, Hawei, Samsung, etc., to USB-C for the iPhones and iPads.

    Although, personally, I prefer the physical aspect of the Lightning connector since it doesn't have the fragile little tab inside the computer. Lightning is just more rugged. It's always the cable-connector area that seems to fail on the Lightning cables.
  4. Only problem I have with the Lightning cable is the lookalike incompatibility problem. Having the iphone 5 and the iphone SE plus the iphone 6+ means that I have some older cables that do not work at all with the 6+ or SE. I have a couple generic ones that I bought real cheap to keep in my cars that work one way, flip over and they don't work at all and some from the old iphone 5 that don't work with the SE. Why did they do that? The good thing is, they are all white, I can mark them as to what they work with, using a sharpie. It was worse when my wife had the 5 and I, the 6+. Now with her SE, at least, we both can use the same compatible cable. Also have to carry a couple of those old 30 pin cables for our older ipads. The new ipad air2 works fine with the generic right side up and the iphone 6+ version but not the older iphone 5 Lightning cable.

    I also bought a combo cable that works with everything. It is a 6" long micro USB with an adapter for Lightning that I like taking with me on the cruise ship because it can charge lots of stuff, except the older ipads, and several of my GoPro battery chargers that use mini USB.

    So, with the Apple watches in the mix, I have to carry a little zippered bag of a whole assortment of cables for everything. And then we have the Sony camcorder cable that is unique and the Surface Pro that is really an oddball.

    :( :( :(
  5. I guess I dodged a bullet with my 6+ being the first lightening product. Everything works fine with the SE, too.
  6. I've had one lightning cable go bad. Other than that no problems ever through various versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods. Initially I only bought Apple cables but I've since bought other brands and still no problems.
  7. I use Apple for comms. I have some aftermarket, including gifts, generally only good for charging.
  8. I have a general positive experience with the lightning cables, the only issue is every 3/4 months I have to replace them because the cable comes off and starts wearing out. I usually buy Amazon Basics cables that are MFi certified and they come with a one year warranty, so if they stop working or wear out too quickly they will just send you a new replacement first and a box to send theirs back.
  9. They are all junk unless you buy genuine apple.

    The third party stuff lasts a few months
  10. I have an iphone 7 plus I'm selling from T-Mobile so if any of you here want to buy it, send me a pm. It's in great shape.

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  11. I've generally found the Amazon Basic version to be good quality.

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  12. I think I ruined one 30-pin Dock cable in my six years of iPhone ownership, no Lightning cables. My son blew threw at least six (Apple and 3rd party) while my wife has gone through her original Lightning that came with her iPad plus the 3-meter cable I bought her to replace it. Good thing my company gets a discount from Apple! ;)

    Actually, I need to amend this: I have a .5 meter Lightning cable in my Escape's center console and the combo of my iPhone 6 and the need for a 90˚ exit on the Lightning connector (haven't seen one yet) means the cable gets smushed down when I close the console's arm rest. I'm on my third one, this one from Anker. But as far as the cables I use at home and work, they are surviving remarkably well.
  13. I second the idea of a 90 degree fitting.
  14. I needed a 90° Lightning to USB short cable to connect my ipad air 2 to my Mavic Drone controller as the straight one is in a bad place where my wrist would be to hold the combo.

    Here is a source for a short cable:


    Not sure if this works for charging but I'll let you know when it arrives. I just need data. The cable is about 8" long.

    For longer right angle Lightning to USB, Amazon has 1 meter length:

    More- https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dmobile&field-keywords=right+angle+Lightning+to+right+angle+USB&tag=satell01-20
  15. Thanks, Don, that's a lot better than the other 90˚ Lightning connectors I've seen (like the StarTech) where it still sticks out close to an inch. 8" may just reach from the item shelf to the SYNC USB connector in the Escape's center console. If it was bent 90˚ to the Z-axis, then I'd be really happy-happy.

    Now the latest renders show no center TouchID button, so that's good. Still pure speculation, though "Foxconn" says they are only seeing preparations for two OLED iPhones, not two LCD phones and an OLED phone like most of the rumors have been leading up to now.