Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan



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Jan 14, 2005
Dear Mr. Dolan

As one of Vooms most recent subscribers I have to say that Vooms is THE BEST! I'm not sure if the pending sale of Rainbow 1 means the end of Voom. If it does then it was well worth it to experience HD of this quality. Everything was and is top notch from the ordering and install to viewing the HD splendor. I hope Voom is around for a long time and continue to do things your competitors are not with YD. I just want you to know I'm with Voom till the end. Thanks for the HD experience!

Thanks a loyal customer

Ryan Gaines


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Apr 29, 2004
Surf City.CA
Mr. Dolan and all those who are making VOOM possible,

Once in a while you get in on something good. It was my pleasure to discover VOOM in March of 2004 and I have never looked back. What used to be available only a few hours during a few days of the week has become a daily activity for me and it is extremely enjoyable. I am speaking of VOOM the ultimate in High Definition Television.

I like movies, sports and events and VOOM has brought it all to me. I want to say how much I appreciate it. I hope VOOM will continue to push into new frontiers of HD. I am enjoying it immensely and appreciate your efforts.


Don Dickerson
Huntington Beach, CA


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Jan 26, 2005
Dear Mr Dolan

thank you for giving me a reason to own a HDTV. for the first year I had only two HD channels on my big dish. then VOOM came out and as soon as winter broke last spring I ordered. the installer showed up and said from where my house was situated out west I probably couldn't receive Rainbow 1. I said fooey and climbed to the highest point of my roof and said mount the dish here. even though it seemed to point down, we got a signal on Rainbow 1.

even though the Board voted to sell the hardware, I hope VOOM programming will remain available. why not? its better than Cuban's and he seems to be making a go of it selling his two HD channels to other guys to distribute. if I can't get VOOM on Rainbow 1 i'll be happy to take it on one of my other three dishes!

Dave Petersen
Wenatchee, WA


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May 24, 2004
Rio Rancho, Nm
Dear Mr Dolan,

I, also, want to voice my appreciation for your vision and the months of enjoyment I have experienced with Voom. I have been a subscriber since March 2004 and love it. I have been waiting for HD since the early 90's and you finally brought it to our homes. I started construction on my home theater room 6 months ago that I have been planning for 5 years now. I was waiting for HD before begining the project since I will be using a 130" screen in a dedicated room. I will be with you and Voom for as long as you send a signal to us. I have many friends that were ready to jump when the DVR was finished and I still cling to hope that you will continue in some form.

Thanks for your vision,

Frank Cabasier
Rio Rancho, NM


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Nov 24, 2004
Dear Mr. C. Dolan,

Have Voom now for over a year, almost from the beginning, and I want to thank you for all the Voom exclusives I find myself watching over and over again. In addition to the picture quality, it's those channels that set Voom apart from the other providers. Hope I will be able to enjoy the quality of Voom for a long, long time.

Thanks You,

Vooming in Louisville, KY


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Aug 26, 2004
Mr. Dolan,

I became a VOOM subscriber last summer. Friends who have HD through cable or other satellite providers come see VOOM and say "Why doesn't my picture look like that?"

You can tell who the pioneers are: they're the guys with the arrows in their backs.

Best of luck for the future and I hope someone continues the service.


Joe Mancini


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Supporting Founder
Nov 28, 2004
Mr. Dolan,

I have always considered myself on the "cutting edge" of audio and video.

Many years ago, I was the first person I knew that had a "big screen" television, it was one of those big plastic lenses you strap to a television that has had the picture reversed and projected onto a screen. Then I had one of those "real" projection sets that reflected the picture off of a mirror onto the wall.

When VCR's first came out, I was the first one on the block to get one, got one of those monsters that had the "remote" connected with a cable. I can still remember going into a store that actually had videos for rent and they might have had 10 or 12 to choose from.

And of course then came CD's and DVD's and on and on.

When I first saw an ad for VOOM I was of course intrigued and couldn't wait until I could afford the best HDTV I could find. Well that has been only a few months now but I want to tell you that, because of VOOM, it will be the outstanding visual experience in my life, whatever happens. Maybe it was a short ride but it sure was sweet.

I have had cable, Dish, and Direct in the past and they all pale in comparison to VOOM.

My wife, who in the past rarely paid attention to television (she would read her book or play on the computer while I watched the program), is glued to the set every night, especially Equator, she loves travel, nature, and history programs. Even my cat recognizes the picture quality, he never paid attention before. The other night, while watching a show about eagles, he looked up, saw the eagle about to swoop down and ran out of the room as fast as he could!

We will miss VOOM if it goes away and will be eternally grateful for what you have attempted to do. It was revolutionary and hopefully some day there will be another visionary like you to pick up where you left off.

Thank you so much and continued success in whatever path you take.


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Jan 25, 2005
Dear Mr. Charles Dolan,

First I like to thank you for VOOM and the service you provided.

I am a person who puts quality over quantity, so I decided to get a VOOM even before it started in fall 2003, as soon as I read about it. (I was looking for new house in this time so I installed VOOM two weeks after I purchased new house). I have VOOM for almost a year, I really enjoy it a lot and I am not going back to cable or go to other satellite provider if your service is discontinued.
I am a poor man, but had I have 200 mln I would put it on the table and go with you in this venture without shareholders looking for short run profit only. I am sure that you can succeed in long run and make a lot of profit in years to come. I am sure that HD has a future in our country, even if our country is pushed to be one huge Wall Mart.
Mr. Dolan, it is not too late. You can still save your great idea, great venture.
I am sure that you can find quality oriented and smart investors.
Break your deal with Sears and go with stores and installers focused on quality and give us receiver with HD DVR. I am sure you will succeed.

Selling VOOM to DISH will be disaster for HD aficionados. DISH will squeeze 100 crappy channels into your 21 and it will be nothing to watch on them.
I will miss a lot: Equator, World Sport, Rave and Gallery. These channels are unique because of high quality content and high quality picture and sound. I will also miss eleven movie channels specially World Cinema, the only access to World cinematography in HD.
I bet that Dish – focused on quantity, not quality – will never keep them. I am very sorry that VOOM executives have taken such decision.

I wish you the best and I hope that VOOM (or at least your idea) will survive.
Best Regards


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Mar 7, 2004
Wilton Manors, FL
Thanks For Voom

Dear Mr. Dolan,

Thanks for Voom! I had been a Directv sub since they first started. I lived with a 65" Mits for a while with no HD programming until Directv added a few paltry HD channels. When Voom came along I immediately cancelled Directv and got Voom and have been happy ever since. The prospect of loosing all the wonderful HD channels Voom provides is depressing to say the least. Hopefully things will work out so those of us who appreciate your contribution will be able to continue enjoying lots of HD content.
Long live VOOM,

David Ferebee


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Jul 25, 2004
Dear Mr. Dolan,

I can't imagine having to go back to less than 10 HD channels with my cable company. It's depressing to even think about. Thanks for giving us Voom. And thanks for doing what you can to prevent bean counters and lawyers from killing your dream of bringing HD to the masses.

Jack Clampit


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Jun 21, 2004
SF Bay Area
Thank You Voom and Charles Dolan

There is no question in my mind the Voom's HD experience gave us a sample of the future of HD programming in years to come. :cool:

HD viewers like my self were allowed to be part of history in HD a portal to the Future of HD programming years ahead in our future. I will Never Ever be happy :no with any Satellite or cable provider
who gives me lesser quality than Voom or any fewer stations than VoomHD

I love my Voom HD Service :love , I will remain a customer in support

and feel I was among the prividledged few who for a short period of time who got a taste of the future of HD Satellite Television , in current real time

Proud and Privileged to be: :smug

the Voomster :rainbow

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Jan 17, 2005
Thank you Charles Dolan

Dear Mr. Dolan,

I was a loyal Dish Network customer until I purchased an HDTV. I was disenchanted with not only their lack of HD content, but their lack of ambition to deliver HD content. I was later told about Voom by a family member and quickly signed up for your service. I believe Voom just did it better than any other TV service in the country, and I was happy to be on the cusp of the revolution. You proved HD programming can be delivered at a reasonable rate to customers, and that fact will always remain with me as I judge other services in the future.

Thank you for being the innovator in the HD market, and having the guts to say, "It can be done and we are going to do it". As long as Voom is broadcasting, you have a loyal customer.

--Patrick McCleary, Syracuse Utah


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Mar 7, 2004
To: Mr. Charles Dolan

January 27, 2005

Dear Mr. Dolan,

I signed up for VOOM back in March of last year. I was so impressed with all the HD that I decided to upgrade my home entertainment room into a “Home Theater”. I ordered six leather powered recliners, and after receiving them started construction on a riser for second row seating complete with ramps and railings. I also upgraded lighting that included five wall sconces with remote control. The reason I bring this to your attention is that without VOOM I would never considered this expensive and time consuming project! After completing this effort I posted a 25 picture album on the Internet, on how to build a home theater riser. To date it has received over 3,200 “Hits” with 1,618 last week! Boy what a response. I am shocked. All this interest surely involves viewing High Definition. VOOM showed us what is available (Wife approved this project and loves VOOM) and we made an investment in the future. Hopefully VOOM and your vision can continue for years to come. Wishing only the best to you in the future and thanks for showing all your customers what real HD programming looks like!


Rick B. Moore
Noblesville, Indiana


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Feb 16, 2004
A reply from Mr. Dolan's assistant:

"On behalf of Mr. Dolan, we want to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone in your group for their support of Voom. Your kind words have been gratifying."

I am sending the next batch of the letters this afternoon. Keep it coming!


Mar 31, 2004
Mr. Dolan

Thank you for providing the best in HDTV. The VOOM service was a deciding factor in my purchase of an HDTV. I've had nothing but great experiences with every level of service with in VOOM. There is not another provider that can match what you provided. You have set the standard for which all others currently fall way short.

As long as VOOM is broadcasting I am one happy customer.

Steve Teeney
Aubrey Texas


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Dec 12, 2004
Mr. Dolan
Thank you for Voom. I have had both DTV and Dish, but with the purchase of my first HD tv and my start of Voom service in mid December I had no idea how good a tv could look. Along with the 5.1 audio feed, the home theater experience I enjoy is the envy of my friends. Please keep Voom operating. Thank You


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Jan 27, 2005
Mr. Dolan,

VOOM is IT. I've only subscribed a short time and am still amazed when I turn on the system. Thanks for your vision and good luck to you, Voom, and all of us who support it.


Voom Voom

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May 9, 2004
Mr. Dolan,

You paved the way for HDTV Content! While other providers danced around the subject of HDTV by offering 4 or 5 HD channels, you’ve been constantly adding HD content. Finally someone listened to us and brought tons of HD to the market! Now like everyone says, “If it isn’t HD, it isn’t worth watching!” So I want to thank you Mr. Dolan and everyone at Voom for bringing us what we want, High Definition Television. It seems like Voom is going through some uncertain times right now and I just want to let you know that I back you 100% along with many, many people who cant live without Voom!!!
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Thanks for your time,

~Justin Stockton

<st1 =""><st1:city w:st="on">Coeur d'Alene</st1:city>, <st1:state w:st="on">Idaho</st1:state></st1>

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Jan 21, 2005
Gaithersburg, MD
Mr. Dolan,

I purchased Voom and had it installed on Jan. 19th, one day before the ill-fated meeting of your board. I have been a Dish sub for over 5 years, (and will miss the DVR and the RSN), but you definitely have the best product. Your picture quality and choices are so much superior. It would be a shame that just after your get the product into position to take on the big boys directly for the SD subscribers, you would have to pull the plug. Marketing a new service is tough and I understand HD did not take off as quickly as some would have thought, but this is the year of HD. I hope it is not a year to late. And you have the best product for HD out there today and with your future plans, the best product for SD as well.
I agree with your vision, that the future of television is not cable, but satellite. And the future of satellite is Voom.

Ray Lessans


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Jan 9, 2004
Mr. Dolan Tahnk You and Please Don't Give Up

Mr Dolan,
You are a visionary and it is unfortunate that the business climate is geared toward short-term shareholder value. VOOM is a great services and with the recent announcements such as new channels to fill the SD gape,, DVR etc.. VOOM would be in a very viable position to compete with Direct TV and Dishnetwork.

Finally all of the technical issues have been worked out in the IRD/STB, the rebranding was great, essential missing SD channels were to be added + more HD channels, installations are going smoothly and everything was finally falling into place. What was the board thinking when VOOM is now on the cusp of making itselft a more viable provider than any other. What venture of this magnitude would only be given a little over a year to become profitable. Give VOOM 1-2 more years and I think it would 1 mill subs by end of 2005 and probably 2 mill by end of 2006. You can't get Cinemax HD, TMC HD, Encore HD plus the originals anywhere else. Other than Gallery, Utlra, MOOV/LAB, Autction and Divine, the VOOM originals are awsome.

I hope you are able to lease some space off of Rainbow 1, and with the new satellite add the missing SD channels, cut out HDnews, Auction, Gallery, LAB, Ultra, combine Worldsport & Rush Programming maybe combine some of the movie channels like GuyTV and FU or some other combo to reduce bandwidth, add Hdnet, Inhd1 & 2 and keep VOOM alive. Direct TV and Echostar won't be headed in the same direction, They don't even offer Starz HD or Cinemax HD. Prove to the world Mr. Dolan that your last vision is a success. Don't quit now, don't retire without this dream being a success.


Ken Fried

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