What FTA Channel is your Favorite?


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Aug 6, 2006
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Surprisingly, I find my self watching KBS on GR10... They have both Korean/English Speaking shows... with some subtitles as well. Game shows, documentaries, and music shows have all be done with great quality.

So I'll go with that one right now.
Russia Today

there are others but I can't say anything about them here.
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KUIL and the RTNs on G10r. If I spoke Spanish better the movie channels on 30w would be my favs. Unfortunately, I just realized today that in two months, it'll be 7 years since I graduated college, so as you can guess, I don't remember much spanish not having spoken it much for that long.

I'm not a big fan of GNF movies. I actually find it rather boring. The movies on there, except for the cartoons, put me to sleep.
Just found Create TV last night on AMC 3.........I think I'll be spending some time watching that........cooking shows and woodturning combined with "this old house"........all they are missing is a FTA how to show and some classic cars and it'd be the only channel I'd need...........well maybe some t&a too :)
I have to throw in my vote for the RTN channels. (not sure which one is my favorite though). I find that I spend a lot of time watching them.
If i have to pick a favorite it would be The Documentary channel on IA 13.
Definitely the RTNs, it was their programming that finally made me take the plunge into FTA.

White Springs TV, not only for their movies, but also for their promotion of their channel as a FTA channel. We need more like them.
my favorite channel I cannot disclose publically (yes its a feed) :D

But the RTN channels are good too (WNGS is probably the best as it has a boat load of sports on it)
I think everyone here knows this, I'm a Hispasat fan, especially the channels from Cuba.

Lately I've been motoring to the other side, G10 is great right up to late night when every channel starts infomercials or home shopping, between OTA and G10 theres plenty to watch especially the older TV shows.

I've organized all my channels by network affiliates on G10.
amongst a few favorites, one main staple of my night is WGMU Vermont (My 39) on G10R. I get to see both Southpark strips. My local affiliate (My 33) dropped the 2nd strip and placed King of the Hill in it's place. Probably cause people didn't wanna stay up late for King of the Hill so they moved it back in place of the
2nd southpark.

my WGMU lineup (nightly regimin) (all times eastern)

11:30 pm - southpark strip 1
Midnight - Geraldo at Large
12:30 am southpark strip 2

Plus, if i'm not too tired, Cheaters at 1AM. Again, my affiliate down here (CW 39) only shows the hour long version of Cheaters on Saturday night and that's it. Must be a different contract with the hour long version.
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