Will you pay a premium for an iPhone 8 (X)?

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  1. I tend to update my iphone every year, and even am on the Apple upgrade plan. And while the iPhone 8 sounds interesting, I find myself torn. Do I really want to spend $1000 for a phone?

    SO those thinking about upgrading, will it likely be a 7s, 7s plus, or go for the 8? All of this is assuming they will release the three phones as everyone expects. What features would make the iphone 8 worth the extra price? Wireless charging? OLED? Face ID? Bigger screen in basically the size of the iphone 7?
  3. I joined the Apple upgrade plan a year ago when I got my 7. I will be getting something new this fall but am waiting for the details to arrive. I'm not interested in anything bigger than what I have now. Wireless charging doesn't excite me. OLED might be nice. I suspect as usual there are still a few new features we don't know about yet.
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  4. Happy with my SE, the 6's and 7's are too big, I don't like carrying a tablet for a phone... ;)
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  5. I suspect this will be the hardest upgrade path yet, in terms of thinking what to go for. I'd REALLY like the dual cameras of the plus, and might be willing to sacrifice not having the benefit of the Apple Smart battery case. But the eight would have to really have a lot to convince me to pay that much more.
  6. I also love my iphone SE, great screen for me. This little thing is really fast and all I need.:)
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  7. The more I read about "starting at $999" makes it pretty clear that that the iphone 8 won't be for me. But a 7s+ may very well be in my future. I don't care if it is a little bigger; its really the camera enhancements that I'd like to have.
  8. For me it will all come down to features vs. monthly cost. Don't really know how high a price I will tolerate until I see what it will buy.
  9. More than a few said the same thing about Apple's Magsafe setup on Macbooks.

    I think it would be very exciting if it were available to you (unless your phone use allows you to go a day or more without charging). I see people tangling themselves almost daily with their USB charging cords.
  10. For the majority of the time an overnight charge is quite sufficient for my needs. I have USB wall outlets strategically placed to make that easy. For travel I carry a backup battery that will charge the iPhone or iPad a time or two if needed.
  11. I'll have to see the final products and pricing before I decide. I'd love to keep my 6+, but now that we've decided to move to T-Mobile, that ship has sailed.
  12. I've got 30 months on my current iPhone 6 so I will be following the September announcement closely. If the iPhone 8/Edition/Pro/(whatever) is over $1,000 it had better have OLED and a ceramic body (rumors haven't shown this to be likely.) I wonder about using facial recognition for Apple Pay, though. Using Apple Pay with the TouchID is so seamless that I can't see how Facial Recognition will work in the real world. However, I understand that one big advantage will be not needing to remove your glove in colder weather. But the motion of pulling my iPhone out of my pocket with my finger on the Touch ID, double-pressing to trigger the Apple Pay, and holding the phone by the NFC reader, takes about a second to register the purchase. Will I need to bring out the iPhone 8, hold it up to my face for a second, then place it by the NFC reader? That's going to look incredible dorky, IMO.

    Obviously Apple would like us all to wear Apple Watches since it allows Apple Pay without much friction (and increase Apple Watch sales!) If I do anything this year, it will probably the iPhone 7s (unless Apple changes the naming scheme) or whatever has the TouchID and isn't too big.
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  13. I have one requirement for an iphone 8 or 7s+ whatever...

    Simply stated, I need a 4K or higher resolution screen that can be switched on as necessary. The reason is I am using my iphone 6+ for 360VR goggles and currently it is limited to 2K resolution. While the 6+ can shoot 4K it can't display at that resolution. I am now shooting 360VR 3D at 4K but I have yet to see all the camera can do. I know a guy who just upgraded to a Sony that is the only 4K phone screen on the market and he claims the improvement in 360VR image is amazing. The 8 also has to be at least the same size as the 6+ for it to work.

    I am good with battery life even if I have to recharge as often as my watch which is every other day. I don't mind carrying a battery booster in my phone holster.

    If I don't see these requirements I am happy with remaining with the 6+ and will begin researching other options for my 360VR 3D needs.

    If the iphone is over $1200 then I will consider the carrier monthly charge option and keep my 6+ for backup
  14. Apple Pay is so easy with the watch. I just double press the button to bring up the CC picture on my watch screen and the blue lights respond for payment. The downside is that many merchants don't have it working even when they advertise the Apple logo on the CC device. BJ's is one place I shop that has a sign up that says we now accept Apple Pay but it doesn't work and says please insert your CC etc. I've complained to the manager and she didn't seem to care. I have never used my iphone to execute Apple Pay.
  15. At $1,200, you could buy an Xperia and keep both activated for the better part of a year. The only downside is that you may prefer the Android phone. ;)
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    I've had android, no thanks. iphone is far superior in how it works with our family. I'm sure your usage is different especially if you don't need to integrate with other family members.

    If I did go for the Sony 4K screen (experia XZ Premium $800) it would not be activated for service; just use it for the goggles. But, at that point, it may be better to see options for dedicated 360VR goggles. the dji VR goggles allows you to pilot the drone from an on board pilot's POV. That is really cool. It also allows external inputs to use with 360 editing platforms like Adobe Premeire Pro. It has a 4K screen too. Less expensive than the Sony option.
    But nothing will happen for me until 2018 since I have no budget for it right now. :( Priority is for a new video editing computer using an i9 CPU and that box will be really expensive.
  17. So Apple is inventing wireless charging and OLED screens. I've been enjoying those for years since the Lumia 1020. Glad to see iPhone users finally get to experience those.
  18. No one said they are "inventing it." Adopting it.
  19. Correct me if wrong but OLED helps with color depth and brightness at low battery drain. The Sony I refereed to has the 4K resolution screen but it is not OLED. It is LCD. The battery life is not considered all that great.
  20. I've witnessed the Apple version of "family" and it appears to be substantially exclusive of those who don't have an Apple ID. What's up with that?
    Really cool to be sure, but is it legal? If I'm not mistaken, you must have a "wingman" with a direct view of the craft if you're going to fly VR. Remote Pilot Airman Certificates are required in more than a few situations.

    Licensing for those who are taking pictures/video over what is not their own property is a messy proposition at best.