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  1. I must again address an issue that pertains to the discussion of certain “FTA” receivers. Back at the end of August, I mentioned the fact that I am aware that most FTA receivers can be hacked. And… if no hack talk, you are free to discuss most any FTA receiver. Also, I mentioned the fact that there are receivers coming onto the market that hack out of the box, with no human interaction necessary. Whereas, users previously had to seek out a solution to “hack” the box or put in hacked firmware for TOS (Theft of Service). Now certain STBs do this when delivered from the manufacturer.

    As I said before, I am normally lenient when it comes to the discussion of many different receivers. However, the discussion of boxes that are designed to hack must cease.

    As most of you know, SatelliteGuys has always taken a stand against theft of service against any provider. Now though, as I have said, things have changed beyond just hack talk. The industry has evolved and the lines have blurred between someone knowingly hacking and those doing so without realizing it.

    When it comes to the attention of the forum owner and moderators that specific equipment is enabled by the manufacturer and it comes pre-installed or distributed with firmware to receive programming that is not authorized, a decision must be made. Steps must be taken to prevent the promotion of theft of services. So, from here on out, no more discussions will be allowed about this equipment. Presently this includes, but is not limited to the Freesat line of receiver models V7, V7 Combo, V8, V8 Super, etc.

    I know many of you are not using these receivers for hacking, and I have personally spoke to a few members who didn’t even realize they were receiving channels that they were not supposed to. However, like I said, to protect the interests and mission of SatelliteGuys, we must put a stop to the discussion of these receivers. I have spoken to Scott Greczkowski (the owner of this site) about this and he concurs, that even though many are using these boxes unknowingly, this is the appropriate action to take.

    I have not fully decided whether to remove current threads on these receivers or just to close them.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for helping us make SatelliteGuys America’s #1 satellite information source.
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  3. I decided to just go ahead and remove all posts and threads on said receivers -- at least all the ones I could find off hand, I am sure I missed some.
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