DW-tv interference PAS9 -Yes?

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Sep 26, 2006
As noted before, I have had and still have problems with DW-tv on Pas 9, 3840 Mhz. I have a 1.2 meter channel master fixed using Pansat 2300A and Calcomp LNB.

Replaced the reciver first usigna new BuzzS2010f. Installed same without any probs other than the response to the remote was flaky - required more than one click to change an input. The pictures on good channels were better than before, but I could not get DW-tv using the fast or detail blind scan. In fact the detail blind scan missed strong channels such as CCTV and NHK. This is my first blind scan, but the unit did not seem to hit all the possibilities. Finally managed to get the unit to lock on DW-tv, but no picture with a steady 79 signal strength and quality reading from 29 to 44 bouncing - the linear presentation of the quality was a saw-tooth wave. As a neophyte, I may be harsh or disappointed, but the Buzz does not appear to be super sensitive as implied by reviews (see next paragraph).

Today I received the Norsat 8115 and installed. Signal strength increased to 80 from 79 and the quality readings on good channels upped a point or two also. However, DW-tv was a few sparkles as before indicating to me that the signal was garbled/trashy or whatever term to describe a distorted signal. I put the old 2300A back and got a picture which was pretty good but broke up but at least filled the screen with tiles which was not the case with the Buzz unit. Subsequent viewing of the good channels versus DW-tv indicates that the DW-tv signal level and quality both are about 20% lower than signals without interference. This is borne out by the saw-tooth wave quatlity signal from DW-tv.

Since I cannot enlarge my dish as I am pushing the 1 meter limit already, I guess I will be satisfied with my news on CCTV and hope that the Fox channel possible source of trouble on Intelsat 805 moderates in the future since it popped up quite unexpectedly as interference about a month ago.

I have noted that the Traxis 3500 is very sensitive, but I am not sure more signal strength will solve the problem. I can be a collector of FTA receivers and start a museum. Better still, I guess I can rotate my house about 20 degrees clockwise and then I can get AMC-1 and DW-tv.

In summary, it seems that there is interference from 55.5 Instelsat 805, probably the 3848 channel which can only be eliminated by a larger dish.

Anymore helpful hints/thoughts?

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