5G interference solutions

Wow. I sure have a lot of problems. During daylight hours I have a lot of pixelation or freeze frames. At night everything is fine. I can't seem to find an obvious problem. If it were a 5G issue I would expect problems day and night. I installed a Titanium 5G filtered LNBF on one antenna and still have issues. Cabling and grounding is as good as it has always been. I haven't replaced the osmio yet but I did replace the power brick. Frustrating having to "shotgun" the problem.
The lnbf isn't 5g full proof. Alot of people still have issues with 5g with that lnbf. It's just not as bad.

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Looks like I'm not going to get my money back from Amazon for the LNBF that I never got. I got the scaler but no LNBF. I guess they didn't believe me when I told them that there was no LNBF in the box. I just love getting ripped off.
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