Star Trek Discovery

It's a shame they can't seem to learn from the success of SNW, Voyager, TNG, and TOS and just do EPISODIC tv. Sure, have some mini-arcs, but damn, this new 31st century frees them from so much canon, but nope, the writers and producers just seem locked in their 10 episode arc that could be done in three episodes, minus the b.s. :)
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It's a shame they can't seem to learn from the success of SNW, Voyager, TNG, and TOS and just do EPISODIC tv.
I don’t think it is so much about “learning” as it is about caring. They know what STD is.

I read an autobiography one time (won’t say who, political) and the author said that about midway through college he figured out that the student body was divided into two halves. The out of region rich kids who the professors wanted to teach; and the local poor kids that they had to teach.

To me that is STD’s place in the ST system of today. The rest of ST is what they have to do to keep the franchise going. STD, convoluted, dragged out, preachy, contradictory, dark, and above all, hyper-woke and political, is what they WANT to do.
Interestingly enough, I enjoy Picard and SNW much more than STD. The first season of STD was interesting in that it was new Star Trek, so seeing what they were going to do and where they were going to take it was part of that fun.

What it has become now, and where they have taken it is (to me) far less interesting and fun than how it began...
I like what Picard did this last season and I'm looking forward to its return. Discovery has been uneven and even boring at times. But I will watch it to see how it continues.
STP did well last season, aside from 1 and a half episodes (the whole spending time in Picard's mind part - a waste of 1 and a half episodes, IMO), STD had 1 really good episode last season, the rest ranged from moderately interesting (with sparks of more interesting) to deadly dull... I too will watch it to see how it goes this season, but my enthusiasm for it has waned significantly...
I finally watched it on Paramount+. Didn't like it. Too much whispering, SJ, and it was weird seeing Discovery do a 360 spin before jumping. The Klingons were weird looking too. Good thing I was streaming so I could get past the nonsense quickly. Otherwise it had some decent plots.
I lost interest in it. A lot of idiotic stuff in it. I won't finish watching it. And I certainly don't want to spend more money to watch woke stuff.
Well, I enjoyed it despite the ridiculous giant tardigrade mycelial network, the anachronistic starship Discovery, and the ever greater threat to the Federation, Planets, and finally the whole darn galaxy. Being aware of social justice issues does not bother me one whit.

BTW - it appears that, at the start of season 5 production, they were going to continue this series. They are in post-production, but they have to do some further filming to end it. And it will no longer be aired starting this year, but rather next.
It wasn't my favorite, but I enjoyed it for what it was. It took me a while to finish the last season, just lost interest in it after my dad passed away. We had started it while he was in the hospital and quickly caught up to where it was in the weekly release and just moved on to other things.

Too many other Star Wars, Marvel and other shows already out in their entirety or released all at once that he hadn't had the chance to watch as most of them wouldn't have interested my step-mom.
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Lucky it lasted to season 2 given it's horrible first season. I still can't stand that damn spore drive.

But it introduced us to the SNW cast, so that is it's best gift to the Star Trek world. And I was hopeful the refresh 1000 year sin the future would give it freedom from canon and fresh stories, but it was just blah....

I'll watch, but won't be sad to see it end.
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