4K FTA HD Receivers?

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  1. With the mount of 4K Satellite content available Conus, its pretty much a waste for me IMHO to spend $$ on a standalone receiver.

    Using a DVB-S2 card with my PC setup is more then enough to enjoy the few 4K signals available up in the sky ;)
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  3. octagon 4k receiver from germany
  4. I just saw this this morning: I have no affiliation with this receiver and no nothing about the ones bringing it to market, I only know the name "Tek2000" but do not know how reliable they are nor how they handle customer service. Maybe others have more info on them.
    The receiver appears from the description to be able to handle the New CBS 4:2:2 Mpeg 4 plus the 4k signals up there if you have a 4k capable tv.

    (Copied & pasted)
    The ZGemma H7 (North American Edition) is our newest receiver capable of decoding 4K satellite tv broadcasts!

    This receiver will decode DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite signals, ATSC terrestrial and digital cable signals and supports all major video compression codecs like MPEG2, MPEG4, and H.265 (hevc) and can demodulate QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK modulation.

    Get the most out of your TVRO satellite experience with a ZGemma H7 (North American) 4K digital satellite receiver today!

    Note: A 4K television is required to view UHD tv channels.

    Note: This 4K receiver will start shipping with all our dish packages starting in August, 2017.

    Note: Future EPG satellite support will only work if you purchase from us. It will NOT work with the European edition or any clones.

    Note: We are the exclusive dealer for the North American Edition of the ZGemma H7 4K receiver.

    (edited to remove links)

    Note: Now accepting pre-orders for $249 USD (regular price $299 USD). Item will ship August 15th, 2017.

    • 4K (UHD) resolution
    • Front panel display
    • Front CI and smart card slots
    • DVB-S2 and ATSC tuners
    • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK demodulation
    • MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, H.265 SD, HD, UHD video decoding
    • Internal SSD mount for PVR capability
    • 4.2.2 / MPEG 4 / H.265 processing
    • Enigma 2 Open Source Operating System
    • ZGemma H7 (North American Edition)
    • Remote Control
    • 120V/240V Power Supply
    • HDMI Cable
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  5. Please note that in my testing the H7S did not do 4:2:2 in either MPEG 2/4 with either the default OATV OS or other E2 builds. I will test the new CBS feeds and see if it will live play. If so, that will be very cool. Like other STBs, 4:2:2 can be recorded and streamed to another device. I was told that the H7 with DVBS2 and ATSC tuners uses the same E2 OS builds.

    Unfortunately, I also have confirmed that the H7S does not blind scan and this was not a defect if my sample.

    It is a quality build STB, but I would verify these specs before buying.
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  6. What is the difference between this Zgemma and the Octagon 4K units? Are they essentially the same?
  7. Any word on these ?
  8. Rick will be back from vacation Monday and his first shipment should be in. They were at customs last week.
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  9. I am curious to see how those receivers do, once more than a couple are out in the wild. Looks like a solid receiver.
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  10. I just read this on another forum...
    "The latest openPLI firmware for this receiver can handle 4:2:2 / MPEG4. Unfortunately, CBS seems to be the only channel using this format and they have now encrypted with Irdeto."

    This is for the ZGemmah7 (North American Edition) receiver I asked about earlier in this thread.
  11. I can confirm that the Zgemma7 firmware does not receive MPEG2 or MPEG4 4:2:2. I have not loaded the latest OPLI so cannot comment.

    Yes, CBS prime time now appears to be encrypted.
  12. Thanks Brian I understand that the original firmware does not do 4:2:2 but the one responsible for bringing them to the N.A. market claims the new firmware is allowing them to get 4:2:2 Mpeg 4. Since I have no clue to those behind this receiver I can not verify their honesty as I have never dealt with them before. Seems strange to go out on a limb claiming 4:2:2 Mpeg 4 but then say it is encrypted but from what I heard the encryption is only during prime-time right now not 24/7.
    Something just smells a bit fishy here but I can not say for sure.
    If it is just to sell receivers and dupe people then it needs to be exposed before people lose their hard earned $$$.
  13. Several receivers on and coming to market support MPEG4 4:2:2 in the chipsets, but not in MPEG2. Until the CBS transition to MPEG4 4:2:2, there were only occasional backhauls and feeds using this format. When CBS transitioned to MPEG4 it appears that they also implemented Irdeto encryption during prime time. I am currently viewing the CBS feeds and they are unencrypted during the daytime hours.

    Not sure why you suspect a dupe... There have been many MPEG4 4:2:2 feeds for several years now and we have been viewing them with PCI and USB tuners. Seems fair and honest that the Zgemma distributor is providing potential buyers a warning that while the STB is capable of MPEG4 4:2:2, the CBS feeds are now encrypted in the evening.

    If the Zgemma H7 supports MPEG4 4:2:2 by loading the latest OPLI release, then it is just an additional format that a STB can tune and raises the bar for other STB manufacturers and distributors. :) The only reason I would not recommend the purchase the Zgemma is the lack of Blind Scan. If that function is enabled, it would be a very capable primary receiver for hobbyists.
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  14. Somebody now has Octagons in stock here in the USA.
  15. Can Octogon do 4:2:2 mpeg4 and does it have blindscan?
  16. No and No
  17. The forthcoming Octagon SX88 is supposed to have blindscan, and also be a lot cheaper than the current model.
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  18. 4K?
  19. The chip set has the capability, but it has not been implemented into the software yet for some reason.
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  20. The name sure makes it sound 4k [HEVC H.265 and thr front of the box says Linux.
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