4K FTA HD Receivers?

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  1. Hadn't heard about the Manhattan 4K box delay - any idea how long?
  3. From Manhattan:

    "Regarding our 4K unit. The issue still stands. We have the order in, they are not going to build it this year. They instead are pushing for more IP/ATSC units instead. I will have these samples in next month."

    "Looking back, we have spent over a years time on this development on Hisilicon 3798 V200 chipset for satellite and a separate IP/ATSC unit. Only to be further delayed for the satellite unit because we don't order so many. The indicated the beginning of next year when they are slower for the satellite unit. "
  4. Thanks for the info mr3p. It's a shame to hear of the delay but such is the world of FTA... :(
  5. Looks like 6 sold 4 available, so there are some on the market. Intersted to see how it works out!

  6. I couldn't bring my self to order from eBay, the seller seemed a little iffy. So instead I have ordered the Nvidia Shield TV for hardware reasons. I have been looking into several user projects with DVBapi and successful attempts of running USB DVB-S2 tuners. One thing is for sure, Nvidia knows how to do 4k h.265 and HDR the right way. Streaming 4K feeds to the Shield should be a piece of cake after getting it to work on a Roku 4.
  7. Love my Nvidia shield!

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  8. I saw this review of the Wetek Play 2 on satforums.com. You can long-in as a guest. I had read on the Wetek forums that users were having a problem getting the hdmi to output 4k. This reviewer is using a 1080 display, but has verified recordings on a 4k display. Can anyone confirm that the hdmi output displays 4k correctly on the Wetek Play 2?
  9. So its now 2017 and I still don't have a 4k receiver so I thought I would check with everyone else and see if you guys have anything legit yet. I see the VU+ Uno 4K would be available if I lived somewhere other than the USA :( It looks like it would be a good box having HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, and gigabit LAN. The HDMI 2.0 part almost guarantees trouble free 2160p@60Hz, instead of playing the guessing game with boxes that say HEVC but don't list output resolution.

    Going to ramble on for a moment to share my 4K experiences so far.

    If the device is 4K it might have to be connected to HDMI 2.0 to get the 4K. For example I recently bought the Samsung UHD Blu-ray player UBD-K8500 and connected it to my TV, Vizio M60-C3. The Vizio has 4 4K@30Hz inputs and 1 4K@60 HDMI 2.0. When connected to any of the 4K30Hz ports it will only output 1080p. HDCP is probably the real reason for this. This really makes no since because Movies are 24Hz or 24p and the player switches the frame rate once the move starts playing. Nvidia shield works fine on a 4K30Hz port and plays Movies at the desired 24p.

    So to get back on topic and stay true to the thread, who has a real 4K FTA receiver they would like to comment on?

  10. The U5 PVR deluxe looks really interesting. It's for sale at AliExpress.com.
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  11. Is AliExpress.com OK to deal with, any experience with them?
  12. Have had several good transactions and a few bad. Use a credit card in case the transaction goes south. I had to do a CC charge back to recover monies from an AliExpress transaction gone bad. AliExpress is not like dealing with Ebay/Paypal/Amazon. The buyer is on their own as the site support never replied to my repeat emails.
  13. Review of the U5 PVR on cnx-software.com in two parts. I wonder when someone will make a receiver that works out of the box.
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  14. Looks like Rick is going to be selling the Octagon 4K unit soon. A few people have them here in N.A. already and love them. I am saving my pennies for one. But for now I am quite happy with my PC setup.
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  15. My fear when dealing with a comumist country .... being an outsider i have no recourse except ???

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  16. I might be putting this question in the wrong forum area: what is the power requirement of this setup (ignoring the BUD controlls)

    I plan on running 100% DC and I like knowing my power requirements. And ill deflect statements about having HD is not power use sensitive. I dont plan on a 4K display ... im happy with 1200x600 40fps @ 1.2watts. My future set up will not only be for Rx but Tx too (yea , im weird). Still yet to decide on skew controll.....

    I hope some sort of standard for 4k does lean in the way of DVB-S2X or such that not a huge codec build is needed.

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  17. Depends on dish size for transmitting power... more gain = less TX pwr requirements. TX equipment would be minimum 200w up to 1kw (or more) depending on amp configuration/efficiency, taking into consideration modulators, exciter, up-converter/transverter, audio and video processing, and anything else in the TX chain. Then most of that equipment runs on 120/240vac so you would need DC->AC conversion too, adding another efficiency cost.

    Sometimes TV stations put up an uplink truck for sale...

    Are you going to be uplinking? That would be cool!

  18. The dish i have now is 9.5' ... uplink on 5.8ghz down on 10ghz ... probably use 2 BUD's

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  19. A few things on this receiver....

    “records and plays back anything”
    “it does ACM/VCM”
    “It does 16APSK”

    if or how well the Blind scan will work is still unknown.
    Nice to hear back from some who already have this receiver and like it.
    Sounds promising and without much of the drama surrounding other receivers.
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  20. I think I had enough experience with android boxes with my A3. Please follow up and let us know how it works.
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