4K FTA HD Receivers?

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  1. Sorry, I guess I missed that. It doesn't look like it.
  3. Looks like the SX88 is a Linux box that's 1080P with H.265 HEVC. No mention of 4K.
  4. Most likely H.265 is only good for internet streams, just like other boxes. I don't see anything new to get excited over on this box.
  5. None of the marketing materials state "UHD" or "4k" although there are S905 boxes which are capable so maybe this can also.
  6. I don't know the model for the upcoming release of a new Octagon 4k, but I was informed that it will natively support hardware blindscan and be capable of MPEG4 4:2:2.
  7. Is the new model different from the SX88? Wonder if new model is going to make those people who ordered SF4008 have buyers remorse?
  8. 4k is not overwhelming enough for to push consumers like SD vs HD was. yet costs not outrageous. save the high end UHD sets. convincing programmers, national & local outlets is the story here.

    Coughing up $265+ dollars for a box these days that offer so little improvement over 1 @ $100 or far less a hard swallow.
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