4K FTA HD Receivers?

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  1. Sorry, I guess I missed that. It doesn't look like it.
  3. Looks like the SX88 is a Linux box that's 1080P with H.265 HEVC. No mention of 4K.
  4. Most likely H.265 is only good for internet streams, just like other boxes. I don't see anything new to get excited over on this box.
  5. None of the marketing materials state "UHD" or "4k" although there are S905 boxes which are capable so maybe this can also.
  6. I don't know the model for the upcoming release of a new Octagon 4k, but I was informed that it will natively support hardware blindscan and be capable of MPEG4 4:2:2.
  7. Is the new model different from the SX88? Wonder if new model is going to make those people who ordered SF4008 have buyers remorse?
  8. 4k is not overwhelming enough for to push consumers like SD vs HD was. yet costs not outrageous. save the high end UHD sets. convincing programmers, national & local outlets is the story here.

    Coughing up $265+ dollars for a box these days that offer so little improvement over 1 @ $100 or far less a hard swallow.
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  9. In this video we Unbox a Zgemma H7 UHD Satellite and OTA Over the Air receiver, I go over the features and show how fast this receiver is to change channels for Satellite channel surfing. We take a look at the web interface on how to set up the receiver for you satellite channels. We look at this receivers ability to view satellite and OTA ATSC channels and look at the ZGemma H7's Ability to stream your satellite programs over your local area network.

    I got this receiver from tek2000 TEK2000.com
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  10. the frist box that does cbs 4-2-2 is the box i will buy.
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  11. I cannot decide between the Octagon and the Zgemma. I'm in no rush to buy, and am letting the dust settle to to speak to see the pro's and con's that work out of these new 4k receivers.

    It would be nice to see some 4K channels on it, and i heard the octagon doesn't play the new Rumble and Horror channels on 97w. So, I'm curious if this receiver has the same problem???
  12. My Octagon plays them. I guess it depended on what image you use. Open ATV 6.0 here. The octagon is not doing 4.2.2 yet but is capable. I went with the octagon because I fell the support is there, were the clone may never be updated.
  13. With the cost of channel packages now, both on cable and satellite TV, I can't imagine what the tally would be for a UHD package, even after it's been up and running for a while. I have neighbors who are paying in excess of $125.00 a month for TV now, not to mention the equipment upgrades that would necessary on the user end as well as the provider. If you have more than one room hooked up, I can see bills nearing $200.00 a month or more. That's why I cut the cord, and I used to sell DISH and DirecTV.

    Someone has to pay for the technology, and it's going to be the end user. I wonder how it will affect people like us who get their TV through FTA when they start sticking towers up all over the place to deliver wireless TV to homes outside the cable area. The amount of terrestrial interference is bound to jump exponentially.
  14. If I remember right, those are pretty pricey STB's. I would hesitate to purchase one considering the limited number of channels available right now in UHD. Most people don't even have TV's capable of doing UHD. Many of those who did buy one, expected to get the same video clarity as the demos in the stores, and it didn't happen. I've had old customers calling me wondering why their picture isn't as good as it was in the store.

    I told them to be patient. It's coming, and when it does, you'll at least have the right TV. :)
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  15. I bought a Zgemma H7 from Tek about a month ago and it's a great receiver. Tis true that their are few 4K channels right now although the ones that are available are fabulous but that is only one of the benefits of this receiver. One of the things I really like is with the dual core CPU and lots of Ram this thing is quick on the channel changes and on all the other various functions. My older Icecrypt functioned adequately with the Spark firmware but really bogged down on openATV as the demands of the operating system were really taxing the system resources and with the Zgemma everything flies. Another big plus is the upscaling support with the box. I do have a 4K TV and the upscaler in the TV works pretty well but the Zgemma does it better. A lot of my standard definition videos appear close to 720P quality and most of the 1080 videos and satellite channels render much clearer through the Zgemma than the older box did. The box came with openATV but I quickly switched to openPLI which supports the Zgemma better imo. OpenPLI fully supports the auto tune function with the Enigma2 software whereas with openATV it didn't work well at all. The autotune will find the sweet spot on every satellite and save it for best Db and Q which eliminates manually playing around with the mover to try to do fine tuning.
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  16. Does it offer blindscan or 4:2:2 support yet? At last test a month ago, both OpenATV and OpenPLI did not. I also experienced stuttering on the NBC feeds with OpenPLI, but not with Open ATV. Thanks for the update!

    BTW... much better STB than the K7!!!
  17. Negative on both. I'm not sure if the chipset will do blind scan or not. It's not that big of a deal as I hang out at Rick's and a few other places where people post the sport's feeds quicker than I could fine them. As far as 4:2:2 Tek made a comment on his forum the other day;

    'By the way, it should be possible to transcode CBS 4.2.2 in Linux and send it back to Enigma 2. Keep your fingers crossed and we may get a 4.2.2 plugin soon.'

    So we shall see. I know they've been working on it but the plugin that they did have had a number of bugs in it and it was a matter of recording a number of 4:2:2 feeds and getting those back to the Chinese engineers so they could play with it. My current problem is that I can't get any of the radio channels on 105W to play other than the DMX channels even though the receiver can handle ACC and ACC+ as well as standard mpeg audio feeds. I am a fan of openPLI overall as it works much better on the Zgemma than openATV did for me which is what the receiver comes with. All the NBC feeds on 103W and 105W render fine with no stuttering on openPLI for me.
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  18. I was able to view UHD on my regular hdtv with the Zgemma h7

    I was also able to get a Hard Drive working in it as a PVR

    And have been using some android apps to configure the receiver.

    And get the DreamSet Editor to edit my channels.
  19. Does it blindscan? If possible, I'd like to see the screen for that.
  20. With the current firmware it does not. So i do have to manually program the frequencys. I have read that there is a ad on that does this. It is one thing I hope is added to the new firmware.
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