Will you pay a premium for an iPhone 8 (X)?

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  1. That's another option. If I don't move from the 6+ to an 8+, I could get a used 7+. Might be a good deal all around.
  3. Or a 6s +.
    The only thing that was a must for me was a bigger screen a few years back.
    Nothing has intrigued me since thank goodness.
    Similar to the Retina display on the iPad. Once I had that I was good to go for years.
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    According to the Apple site, the red side knob indicates the GPS + Cellular version of the Watch Series 3. Apparently all Stainless Steel and Ceramic cases will include the Cellular radios.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 23.00.20 .png
    It looks like the pricing on the SS and Edition Watch stays the same, so the LTE is standard in the higher models.

    To me, the biggest turnoff with the iPhone X was when they showed it playing back a video. Instead of 16:9 video with black bars on either side, the video showed it filling the entire display, so the left side had the "notch" chomped out of it:
    Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 23.48.19 .png
    Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 23.47.02 .png

    Oh, I guess I'm not crazy about the camera bump on the back, either. I prefer the smoother appearance on the iPhone 7 & 8 compared to the "tacked-on" look of the cameras on the iPhone X.
  5. I have the older 6+ and the touch ID is quick enough that I haven't considered it an issue. I don't understand the need having to look at my phone to use it. I can't think of any time I have used any of my smart phones where I wasn't looking at the screen to use it. You do know that if you were considering keeping the phone in your pocket or other, that you can operate many apps from the apple watch. I guess that's the only time I would use the iphone's apps without looking at the phone. For example, the TD Ameritrade app, allows me to monitor my accounts and do stock trades from the watch while the phone rests in my belt holster.

    I do recognize the swipe as the additional step. I would like to see an iOS11 update that would make it so the home screen pops up by just looking at the screen. I'm sure many will be suggesting that unless there is some reason not to that was not clear in the announcement.

    On the iphone X: If you plan to shoot video the 256GB will come in handy. Plus the X has OIS which is a big benefit over the lessor models that only do IS. That means it can do image stabilization at 4K video, not just 1080p. I was happy to see they didn't drop the hard buttons on the side and most of all the Lightning connector. But very disappointed the screen is not 4K for 360 VR benefit. I will look at one before I buy. The new screen may be good enough but I can't tell until I see it doing 360VR in goggles mode. The monthly cost over the 24 months doesn't bother me, but right now, I have many expenses that a $1200 hit is too much to handle.
  6. Do the math, the X screen is not 16 x 9. It is more like 2.165 x 1 so the top and bottom of the landscape image is cut off. However, the specs on the video file is 16x9. My 6+screen is a full 16 x 9 ( 1.78 AR ) screen size.
  7. Absolutely. Apple already dropped the 7 128gb to $649. I'm sure retailers will have better deals. I can wait a couple of more weeks.
  8. Were you kidding? Actually it does. At least mine does. There are several apps that will tap you on the wrist to take notice of alerts. I use The Weather Channel and a few others. Plus I have the other alerts for hazards turned on as well. Even weather radar map on the Apple watch face. If you take the time to learn the Apple Watch, there is very little this thing won't do that you have to go to the phone to do. One of them is take pictures and video, but you can review them on the watch.

    The real challenge is organizing those apps, in a logical order so you know how to get to them on the watch. I'd like to see folders come to the watch iOS sometime in the future.

    The AR on the iphone X allows you to generate animated emoji's you can use in text messages too. I know 360VR now and what it can do which is amazing but haven't bothered with AR yet. After watching the presentation, I can see getting into that. The iphoneX should be able to generate animation by just acting it out for the front facing camera. Should be interesting to see what apps will be developed for AR.

    Not too far off topic, but to see what's possible with AR, check out the movie Ghost in the Shell.
  9. Anyone know how many Apple watch apps run independently of their iPhone counterparts at this point? For instance the watch app I use regularly, Mapmyrun, doesn't seem to do anything without being connected to the iPhone.

    I did decide to go with an 8. Already started on the upgrade via the Apple Store app on the phone. For me it wasn't the cost, with the upgrade program you are only leasing for a year anyway, I'm cautious about the facial recognition stuff. Hopefully a year from now the bugs will be worked out.
  10. I think the facial recognition will work just fine.
    On my Surface Pro I have both: a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition ("Windows Hello"). I mostly use facial recognition. I've been using it for almost two years and it works great! Rarely fails. And from the presentation it sounds like it may work even better on the iPhone. We'll see.
  11. "Onrushing hurricane." I meant, on its own. A weather center on your wrist. Small joke, as it seems to do so many disparate things.

    Dick Tracey lived in Neanderthal times.
  12. What bugs? I recall a while back there were reports of bugs in the Apple watch that were just not true. Most people will repeat a rumor that is not true because they don't know any better, but tech people should try to report bugs only when they are confirmed.

    I recently completed alpha testing of camera software and discovered the 'bugs" I thought were in the software were actually caused by the driver for my graphics card. Think of the harm done if I had simply reported this as a bug in the software to a public forum.

    Iiya, can you do a simple test of your Surface Pro and see if you can fool the facial recognition with a photograph of your face. That would be interesting results to see. Does your surface Pro use 3D sensing like the iphone X will use?
  13. Facial recognition for unlocking is new in iOS. There will be bugs. I don't think I want to potentially struggle with unlocking the phone thus I'm getting an 8 instead.
  14. You do know that you are not required to use the facial recognition. If you don't activate it, you will have the number code to access. With the bad experience I had on my old android phone with finger print I didn't activate it until last winter on my iphone. It works fine. I use it now on my ipad too.

    No iPhone, including the 8 and X series, support the newly acquired 600MHz band for T-Mobile. There are, or soon will be, at least a couple Androids that do. Rumor has an "X2" iPhone coming out next year to include this band.

    The greater penetration of the 700MHz band has helped Verizon expand their coverage area. Slower data speed, but greater coverage. 600MHz should do wonders for T-Mobile. Once more widely deployed and phones that can actually use it are on the street in people's hands.

    Makes me more inclined to get a 7, possibility a used 7, and wait a year or so.
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  16. But what percentage of those populations is actively concerned with their heart rhythm?
    This seems to be a rather specious statistic if you're choosing from such a specific population (cruise passengers who wear watches). I would also point out that many smart watches look like Apple Watches. There are quite a few smart watches that don't look like Apple Watches too.
    I have no doubt of that. The question is how many others share your level of concern over AFib and whether or not any sensor mounted on your wrist is going to be able to reliably detect an electrical storm in your heart.
  17. The National Vulnerability Database lists 226 security issues with WatchOS. Even if only half of them are "true", that's a lot for a device of that type.

    NVD - Results

    I should note that these are just the security breach level issues. This doesn't visit things that are simply not working as designed/expected/hoped.
  18. If I was going to use a Apple device I would go with the X it's the best looking phone Apple has come out with but it's funny to watch them try to stay up with Samsung. Between the two just goes to show how everyone is chasing Samsung they are the only one between the two that can make money off their competition the X is a good example of that since Apple is getting their X displays from Samsung. Even my daughter who a Iphone user pointed that out about the X this morning how they are starting to look more like Samsung.. Ether way the X is still a nice looking device.. :)
  19. "...And if you strap this thing on your wrist for at least 12 hours a day, and have it report in to us, we'll drop your medical premium by$X"
  20. Well, I will be upgrading from a 6 to the X when it is available. My battery is shot on this thing (have had it since the launch of the 6) and it requires multiple charges throughout the day. Will probably have my wife get me the new watch for Christmas (she can never think of anything to get me). I will miss wearing my Tag, but I guess that's OK.
  21. I'm on a 7 now and I'm running out of room constantly on my 32gb. I'm not sure if it's worth the upgrade to the 8 or not. I thought I heard 20% louder speakers on the 8. One thing that bugs me is they ditch the 128gb so now you can only get 64 or 256gb. I'm not sure if I need 256GB. I'm highly disappointed in the X. No Touch ID, ugly notch on the top of the screen, a little bigger than the 4.7 size and no other size available.

    If Apple wants to catch Samsung as far as looks go and features, they need to start actually listening to their customers. The note 8's screen is much better.