Will you pay a premium for an iPhone 8 (X)?

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  1. I believe it uses infrared in addition to visual. I haven't done such tests, but others have done extensive testing with Surface Pro (you should be able to find them on YouTube). No, you can't fool it with a picture (it won't have the infrared signature) and it can even distinguish between two identical twins!

    Edit: here is one of the Windows Hello videos from YouTube:

  3. Everyone who has been diagnosed with A fib, arrhythmia, or atrial flutter. Those who have not been diagnosed, probably aren't concerned at all. If they aren't then they might be considered suicidal.

    How about this- if you were diagnosed with borderline lethal hypertension, would you ignore the warning or get with a program to have it reduced, and in the meantime monitor it?

    Oh, I think I know what an Apple watch looks like. :facepalm

    At this point in time there really isn't any 24/7 monitor for it so if a person suffering from one of the arrhythmia problems, he wouldn't think it is possible. Once the word is out the technology is available, then we will see if the system is ignored or sought after.
    I recall back in my corpsman days only people trained to take blood pressure could do it. There were no electronic systems to do it. Today most people concerned with their health will have one. How many diabetics do their own blood sugar tests now? Technology is changing how lay people are aware of their health conditions.

    Ilya- Thanks for that YT confirmation. I wonder if the company that developed the technology is the same one for both Microsoft and Apple. Ambarella maybe?
  4. They claimed 25% so you may be hearing things. ;) Don't forget that the iPhone 7 and later use a decidedly different headphone setup so if you prefer wired headphones or used a sound system (home, car or portable) that doesn't support bluetooth, be aware that additional provisions may be necessary.
    During the presentation, someone (perhaps a blogger) said something about the notch filling in during video playback but I saw no evidence to support that claim.
  5. Could you hazard a guess as to what the ratio is between those afflicted and those not? I'm guessing it isn't a very large percentage.
    I thought I did too, but I've seen some pretty remarkable knockoffs on the Chinese electronics sites. Even Amazon carries some:

    This one claims to be able to make phone calls and features a camera:

    Of course these aren't Apple Watches, they just bear a striking visual resemblance.
  6. IMG_0744.jpg

    This is what I meant about the speakers..... from the picture on apple's website. Not sure if that's new or already in the 7.
  7. I'm not sure where you got the 20% number as the presentation and the ad both say "up to" 25%.
    The claim is for the 8 and 8+ that feature re-designed stereo speakers and as I recall, they didn't specify what speakers they were louder than. I would assume that it is in comparison the iPhone 7. I don't recall that they said anything about the speakers in the X but I assume they're featured there as well.
  8. I was none too pleased they ditched the 128gb. They should have ditched 32gb and kept 64,128 and 256Gb. I have a 7+ but it's only 32gb and I'm out of space . The major letdown was the X and I honestly hope the sale numbers are low for that phone . No Touch ID and only can unlock with facial recognition and each time you use Apple Pay as well. If you don't want to use facial recognition then use a passcode Apple says but what's the point then ? My wife didn't like that is has no home button and I said eventually all iPhones someday will ditch the home button. I'm not sure on what I'll do this year. Should I wait for an 8s or go for the 8 .
  9. Removing the home button on the iPhone is like when Microsoft tried to remove the start button from windows.

  10. I don't know where you got that from. These new iphones that lack an analog phone jack use a small phone jack to lightning adapter that comes with the phone. I saw this on a friend's iphone 7+ two weeks ago. He just plugs his ear buds into that and leaves it that way. There is a physical drawback, however. You can't charge the phone and listen at the same time. That would require the airpods or similar BT headphones. The new 8 will fix that by using the Qi wireless charger.

    IIRC, there are about 33.5Million people of all ages afflicted by arrhythmia. Who knows what the number is for those not yet diagnosed. My wife had it since birth. But a study done in 2014 stated that 70% of all adults over the age of 65 have Atrial Fibrillation intermittently. More men than women and after 85, more women have it than men. A-Fib comes and goes. Difficult to detect during a spot EKG test. If the doctor suspects you have it based on momentary symptoms, he will put you on a 30 day monitor. It's that 5 minutes you are in A-Fib that can cause a clot and you suffer a stroke shortly after. If you have been diagnosed, you can take medication for it that is a blood thinner. Momentary symptoms are micro blackouts, dizziness, especially when you stand up suddenly. Momentary vision problems. In addition to a blood thinner to prevent the stroke caused by a clot, beta blockers and Digoxin may be prescribed that aids in heart rhythm. These, you will be on for life. During my year I was diagnosed I was put on Xeralto a strong blood thinner and you have to be careful of injury because you could bleed to death. Today, aside from the beta blocker, I am on baby aspirin because I had surgery to stop the atrial flutter. The drill is if I believe I am getting an A-Fib attack, then I take extra dose of aspirin and go back on Xeralto for awhile until I can get to a medical facility. The 24-7 sensor like the Apple watch would add validity to just believing my heart is in A-Fib. Absent an Apple watch detection, I could strap on the Qardio sensor and actually measure the rhythm. All the men over 50 in my family are afflicted, but I'm the only one with my own monitoring. The others are not techie like me. They just go to ER or see the doctor when feeling not right. Often it is false alarm after a quick EKG.
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  11. I'm not sure "louder" is the correct description. I heard louder bass in one discussion and wider dynamic range in another. One thing is certain, the air pods are much nicer to listen to than the iphone speakers in my 6+.
  12. harshness- Those are some pretty impressive counterfeit Apple watches. They do a couple things better than the watch 3. One is price, and the other is dual system capable, Android and Apple. But if you read the details that is where it stops. Very limited apps. I also question the size. It appears to be bigger but not by much. The strap is not removable for different bands. I never saw a watch where the band was permanent. This would be a great buy for someone who needs more hands on testing to decide if the Apple watch is for him. Other than a stop watch there are no real health apps on it.
  13. Stop watch is a health app?

    Well, maybe if it marks when your heart stopped. Might be useful to the undertaker.

  14. So did they ax the rose gold color or is it rose gold redone for the 8? I thought that the rose gold color was selling well. Still scratching my head at why they decided to ax the 128gb memory iPhone and take away colors ??
  15. To make more money perhaps?
    Just think about it. If they had a 128GB option, most would go for it, I think. Without it, most will now have to step up to the more expensive option... :)
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  16. I wonder if they are going to stick with "X" moving forward?
    You know, like OS X or Windows 10...
  17. Yeah but before they got rid of the 64 GB version which required me to get the 128 GB version. Now since I am using more than 64 GB (67 GB to be exact) I would need the 256 GB version. Why bring back the 64 GB version and get rid of the 128 GB version?
  18. The 64 GB option I think is there to bring the X price down to three digits and to target those who otherwise would've purchased iPhone 8.
  19. I think most will go for the 64GB option because it's the cheapest. I know that's what I'm doing. I think I have talked myself up into getting a 64GB X instead of the 64GB 8 I originally planned on too.

    I'm someone who used to always upgrade to the middle storage size iPhone. By the time the 6 came out I was streaming all of my music so storage space was no longer as big of a priority. I went with the base 16GB iPhone 6 and it was mostly fine. Once they improved the way iCloud handles your photos to free up space my occasional "storage almost full" notifications completely stopped. Recently I started seeing them again sometimes when I get backed up on my podcast subscriptions but for the most part 16GB hasn't been an issue. I would absolutely buy a microSD card to expand storage if that was an option though.

    For someone going from a base 16GB iPhone 6 to a base 64GB iPhone X like myself, that's a pretty massive storage upgrade. I think 64GB will be just fine for almost anyone who doesn't insist on storing their music and tons of photos and videos on the device for offline use. For me streaming music and iCloud have made paying a premium for more storage completely unnecessary.
  20. I guess I'm the odd one here. I never think tech in a backward mindset. meaning... I see what I may be looking at 2-3 years from now and with 4K, AR, and VR360 being the next big thing, It is important to be ready with the hardware that can perform. A backward mindset still views these smart phones as a walkie talkie with text and that's it. They could be happy with a flip phone with text capability and if it was easy to use, ability to look up things on the internet. Slowly this crowd is getting used to the idea of a camera in his walkie talkie. I must say that my wife fits this profile. She has just gotten used to the idea of a camera in her "walkie talkie" this year.
    Some here obviously consider cost as the first requirement to meet, setting a limit and not exceeding it, then will upgrade again in a year. I'm not so sure that saves any money but it does keep you under the state of the art by backward thinking, buying a year old technology just to save a hundred $ at purchase. That's fine if the latest new thing is of no interest until it finally dawns on you that it's cool. Like my wife, who just this year finds having a camera all the time is cool. She used a Blackberry up until she retired too because it had hard buttons for a key pad. I see those who complain the loss of the home button as a "Blackberry mindset."

    The ram of 128GB I have in the 6+ is never used, ever. But that's because I find the camera inadequate for my work and only use it as a note pad when shopping or those rare times I need to take a picture and don't have a real camera handy. The new iphone with dual lenses and OIS in the X plus the AI processing of back light balancing is real interest to me. So I know if I plan to be shooting 4K video with the X, I won't bat an eye of forward thinking to 256GB.
    Just for comparison, On a 3 hour excursion I shot 4K video and filled a 128Gb SD card. I might only use 10% in my edited project but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    Not only will I pay the premium for the X, I see the need for 256GB as I start using these advanced technology features in the X. If Apple allowed for plug in micro SD cards, I would buy just a 64GB version with a stack of cards for storage.
  21. I am currently rethinking my strategy on music storage. I want the highest quality possible, but with most new cars and A/V receivers capable of playing directly from USB flash drives, I am no longer sure about downloading too much stuff to the iPhone. Currently I am well above 64GB, but if I stop storing too much music on the iPhone and use it mostly for streaming, then who knows, I might be able to fit into 64GB. But then again, what about shooting 4K videos? Decisions, decisions...