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  3. Kinda wonder what's on 118? and 125, I got 121 for velocity.
  4. Dan the Man sounds like you need to start like westerns! :) John Wayne and Robert Michum
  5. '
    125 has the PBS national feeds for those without C-band, along with Montana PBS and Oklahoma PBS. It's well worth getting.
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  6. Oklahoma PBS has been gone for a while. Unless you're saying they're back.
  7. I haven't had LOS to 125 for a while, and if I had ever read that Oklahoma was gone I must have forgotten about it.
  8. OETA pulled the satellite feed down a year or so ago
  9. Well, i went by their home today and talked with them. They are giving the dish to me for free. I can grab it at any time. The best part, i thought it was a fiberglass dish, i was wrong, its a metal dish. :clapping Ill measure it, it looks to be between 6-8 foot. It is in EXCELLENT condition. I think ill be grabbing it this Saturday. Ill post pictures later.. I am planning on putting a C/KU on it, and using it mostly for KU, but maybe get lucky and get some Cband off it.
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  10. It is an 8 foot solid metal dish. I'm planning on grabbing it tomorrow. I looked all over, and funny, i don't believe i saw a declination adjustment??? After i get it home, ill have to line up a new longer pipe to attach the mount.
  11. Picked up the dish today. Went very smoothly. Monday will go and pick up a new pole for mounting.

    20170507_091737.jpg 20170507_091755.jpg
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  12. Put pole up today and slipped mount on it. Dug a 4 foot hole, and sunk it into the ground, NO concrete, and welded it in three places along side the storage container. It's not going anywhere!

    I got the dual output LNBF (in the nick of time) from Titanium today, so maybe by end of tomorrow ill have some signals coming from this old dish once again. Tomorrow, ill have some pics!!!
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  13. A little to windy to be playing with a sail up so high. But, i can take pictures..
    DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0004.JPG
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    Winds died down and dish installed. I was trying for 101w but apparently hit 105w. Too late to go back out and align. I aligned top of arc and hot wired a 12volt battery to move the dish. So, listening to DMX music channels at the moment. But, looks great so far!

    DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0008.JPG
  15. {When I posted this, I didn't see the follow-up info that you have it installed]

    If it's like a dish I have, the mounting bracket declination is preset and made for a range of specified latitudes. If you are somewhat close to the same latitude (I'm guessing within ±150 miles north or south) you'll have no issues. When you install, lay the dish polar mount so the axis is level, then mount the dish and see where the "level" is across the rim, north/south. That'll tell you how much declination you have. You could adjust declination by enlarging holes, adding fender washers (I'd do that) or drilling new holes somewhere.
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  16. Good points.. Yea, i shouldn't have to adjust it. The dish was taken from LESS than 1/2 mile away.
  17. Dish aligned. Just need to wire it up. Currently, i have it jacked in place of 30w. I have to setup another multi-switch and wire it up to all the diseqc 1.1 ports.
  18. Nice find!!. The dish looks like it's in great shape, can't wait what you get especially those damn carriers that are just above the noise floor or adjacent satellite interference.
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  19. Well, i just thought of something to save on a multi switch. I have a fixed dish location at 95w and 125w. 95w is only for one mux (Horizontal) and 125w is only needed for Vertical muxes. They have been using two satellite inputs, but i can merge them onto one satellite horiz/vert port and free up the other satellite ports for my new dish.

    I am also happy to report i am (db's to spare) getting every single FTA channel on 101w!
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  20. Worked like a CHARM! Sharing 95w and 125w on the same satellite port. Wired all up and zipped tied nice and clean.

    My dish farm now consists of 8 total satellite antennas. 3 cband (8', 10', 12') , 5 KU dishes. (3',3',3',4',4')

    I now have FIXED locks on :
    • 30w KU
    • 87w KU
    • 95w KU
    • 97w KU
    • 101w Cband
    • 103w KU
    • 118w KU
    • 121w KU
    • 125w KU
    This gives a wonderful variety of channels for my 4 rooms restricted to fixed dishes. It also makes it very easy for family visiting as they can channel surf all the channels just like OTA tv.

    I am going to attempt a side lobe on the Cband dish. Never done that for a Cband. Is this more problematic on the lower frequency? or does this work well too? I would like to see if i can side lobe 97w Cband as that has a lot of FTA channels family likes to watch.
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  21. On my 8 ft fortec i bolted a 3 in space im pretty sure it was from inside scaler to scaler measurement...useing just random metal stock drilld..and bolted to scaler..that gives me 99w and 91 west with great reception on both 20170503_184930.jpg

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