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  1. Awesome. I will give it a try. That would be terrific. That would make Titanium happy, if i get it working, ill have to buy another C2W-PLL :drunk
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  3. Well, i changed paths for the moment. I took down my 1.2m USAL dish that was on my deck and moved the mount to the storage container, and plopped the 1.2m back on it (with out USALS motor) , and fixed aligned it for 87w. Went from 7db on PBS to 11db on PBS. I was in the middle of wiring it when an electrical storm was approaching, so all i got was 1 RG6 wired up and wired it to the Horizontal line of the multi-switch and got the heck out of there.

    Kinda funny - at the moment, I'm getting the horizontal channels off the new 1.2m, and the vertical channels off the 90cm dish still pointed at 87w. - I'm tired of loosing LPB. On the 90cm in the mornings i would get the channel, and as the day passed by, the signal would get weaker and weaker and i would loose it. Not to mention if there was any sign of weather.

    I think i am done with USALS. I took the time to re-scan the entire arc for KU and I have a fixed dish at every bird that i am even remotely interested in. The USALS would just have too much play and would allow the dish to shimmy around. I was constantly adjusting it.

    At this point, I'm not sure where I am going to point the 90cm

    Maybe 113w for Reuters or 99w for radio channels.
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    Update :

    I had one 1.2m pointing at 103w/97w.
    I had a 90cm pointing at 87w/95w.

    I had previously hooked up a 2nd 1.2m for 87w. So, today, i moved the 90cm that was still pointed at 87w and pointed it at 97w. This yielded me a stronger signal for 97w as before it was a side lobe. And the side lobe that was pointed to 97w was shifted to 95w.

    The result is i have stronger signals all around. 87w on dedicated 1.2m.. 97w on dedicated 90cm 103w on dedicated 1.2m and 95w is a side lnbf on my 1.2m. Every channel is rock solid!

    IBoston's Satellite Network :

    30w - 90cm KU
    87w - 120cm KU
    95w - 120cm side lnbf KU
    97w - 90cm KU
    101w - 8 foot Cband
    103w - 120cm KU
    118w - 90cm side lnbf KU
    121w - 90cm KU
    125w - 90cm side lnbf KU

    Ps - I also exchanged my dual GeoSatPro on 103w for a Quad lnbf. I hooked in a 3rd coax line to a spare satellite receiver that will be in a shed. Everything is tested working, and tuned to my favorite radio station which ill be broadcasting FM so i can listen to it anywhere on the farm. Just waiting for my FM transmitter. Will be perfect during the summer when I'm mowing and during the Winter when I'm blowing.
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  5. I am happy camper... I got the FM transmitter.. Hooked it up to the STB and transmit it on FM. I receive it perfectly on the entire farm. I did a bit of a test, and the reach seems to be about 1 mile in every direction except west which you loose 1/2 mile because its over a hill. I wanted to make sure i wasn't broadcasting too far, and i picked a frequency that was unused with a wide berth on both sides of the spectrum. I hate commercials and i hate talking. I just want to hear music! :drunk

    Ill take some pictures of the setup. Its in our shed. I need to make an enclosure for it for the winter so it won't get too cold. Ill close it during the winter, and open it up during the summer.
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  6. Regarding the FM Transmitter setup :
    I just finished the box and setup a switch so i can turn it on/off.

    DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0004.JPG
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  7. Which radio station do you listen to? I love having WCPE classical on AMC-1 @ 103° West. I also rebroadcast on a FM transmitter so I can listen on a portable radio outside by the BBQ grill.
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  8. Being this isn't the appropriate thread, i didn't want to specify, but its a classical channel too. :biggrin
  9. What antenna are you using for your Fm transmitter? Just curious, I built a j-pole for around 100MHz but not on the air yet. It should be about 3dB gain, with about 1.5dB feedline/connector loss. Hope to have it up about 30ft. Helpful info to know what antenna gain/power/height required for 3-4 mile approximate range.
    Have application for provisional low power license, waiting for some info from the spectrum managment people up here... (May not need a license)
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    Its a dinky telescope antenna that is about 3 feet long. It extends a straight shot out behind the unit sitting almost horizontal tucked under the rafters. I know i could adjust it for better range, BUT, i don't want any better range than what i already got. My corner property line is 3/4 mile away. I can receive the signal there perfectly, so all is great!
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  11. Interesting! So your antenna is hidden inside at or below grade and you still get that kind of range? What power is your transmitter (dBm/watts)? Also if your antenna is located close to metal objects you might get power reflection (SWR) back to your transmitter finals... not a good thing for longevity, unless it's very low power.
  12. I moved my Cband from 101w to 91w.

    I did some more tinkering and I have successfully added a second LNBF to my Cband Dish. I also moved 95w from my 103w antenna to my 87w antenna.

    I have my eye on another 8' Cband dish. (shhhh, :eek: don't tell the wife)

    Dish Farm.jpg
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  13. Just tell her she is getting older and needs glasses make her see double. Hehe.
  14. Okay, well, because of Rumble and Horror, i added a dual lnbf so i could pick up Vertical feeds on 97w. But, that meant i had to add an additional 5x4 multi switch because before i was sharing the horizontal side with 118w. So, now i got Horizontal and Vertical feeds on 97w, which then left me with a free available h/v line on the multi switch 22khz ON. So, i added a side lobe to my 103w to fetch 99w. This gives me a news channel i've been missing.

    Being fixed on KU now for about 5 months, I've missed being able to turn to some satellites. But, then i remember how often i had to go out and fine tune it. 83w is the only other KU that i kinda wish i could grab. I might add 3rd side lobe to my 87w/95w dish. Man - I love this hobby. :clapping
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